Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo Loses Temper Due to Misjudgment of a Winning Goal

Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal football team captain, lost his temper after having a draw with Serbia. Portugal missed their chance to victory after the goal was not scored as a result of sheer misjudgment.

Serbia played well against Portugal

Portugal took the lead, but Serbia provided a tough fight in the qualifier match of the World Cup. Diogo Jota from Liverpool played exceptionally well, giving every chance to snatch the win for Portugal. He scored two goals in the first half only. Although the pressure was on Serbia, it also gave a tough fight in that qualifier match.

Serbia’s Aleksandar Mitrovic scored a goal, and then his teammate Filip Kostic struck another goal making the scoreboard equal with Portugal.

Ronaldo smashed a goal in the last few seconds of the match. The referee said that the ball failed to cross the line and didn’t score the goal.

Cristiano Ronaldo lost his temper and dashed his armband

Cristiano Ronaldo, whose age is now 36 years, was in a rage. He argued the decision and protested. The Portugal captain dashed the armband while walking off from the field at the game’s last few minutes.

He took Instagram to express his sadness, saying that he treasures his captaincy of the Portugal team. The legendary football personality is ready to give his every ounce of effort to win for his country. He takes immense pride in that, and it will remain like this rest of his life too.

Ronaldo encouraged his team and asked them to take the challenge

Ronaldo added that it was hurting to see his country not winning for just a misjudgment. The situation felt extremely difficult as a captain. The team should not lose their spirit. He encouraged his Portuguese team, saying these are the situations when they need to lift their morale, face the challenge and come back strong than ever before.

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