• Mark Price (Cle), Kevin Willis (Atl), Otis Thorpe (Hou) and James Worthy (Lal) played as reserves despite not being listed in the Top 10 voting results for their positions.
    • Scottie Pippen started the game because Larry Bird was injured.
    • Since 1975, the NBA All-Star selections have been left to the fans who vote to determine the starting five for each team. NBA coaches complete the rosters.
    • Until 1974, the starters per team and three bench players were chosen by sport writers and sport casters.
    • Until 1973, each NBA team had to be represented with at least 1 player and a maximum of 3 players.

    Ballot 1992 Votes

    S=Starter R=Reserve
    Clyde Drexler PORS759,550
    Magic Johnson LALS658,211
    Tim HardawayGSR446,765
    Mitch RichmondSAC325,546
    Kevin JohnsonPHO309,820
    John Stockton UTAR309,590
    Jeff Hornacek PHOR271,180
    Willie AndersonSA213,037
    Rolando BlackmanDAL206,887
    Derek HarperDAL153,820
    Karl Malone UTAS764,633
    Chris MullinGSS751,397
    Tom ChambersPHO406,185
    Billy OwensGS335,053
    Dan Majerle PHOR320,220
    Shawn KempSEA253,747
    Sean ElliottSA230,311
    Terry CummingsSA209,070
    Jerome KerseyPOR196,082
    Tony CampbellMIN160,807
    David RobinsonSAS512,348
    Dikembe Mutombo DENR505,035
    Hakeem Olajuwon HOUR357,588
    Benoit BenjaminSEA215,212
    Kevin DuckworthPOR158,391
    James DonaldsonDAL141,091
    Vlade DivacLAL127,908
    Mark EatonUTA104,743
    Mark WestPHO48,571
    Felton SpencerMIN40,084
    Michael Jordan CHIS1,049,573
    Isiah Thomas DETS549,546
    Michael Adams WASR489,291
    Reggie MillerIND301,701
    John PaxsonCHI226,930
    Kenny AndersonNJ205,647
    Dee BrownBOS199,468
    Mark JacksonNY176,122
    Reggie Lewis BOSR152,158
    Joe Dumars DETR144,202
    Charles Barkley PHIS991,408
    Larry BirdBOS852,476
    Scottie Pippen CHIS542,191
    Detlef SchrempfIND311,862
    Chuck PersonIND309,049
    Horace GrantCHI215,661
    Dennis Rodman DETR197,945
    Larry JohnsonCHA189,599
    Derrick ColemanNJ165,817
    Dale EllisMIL124,202
    Patrick EwingNYS514,874
    Moses MaloneMIL404,903
    Pervis EllisonWAS275,743
    Brad Daugherty CLER271,424
    Sam BowieNJ200,722
    Bill LaimbeerDET150,297
    Bill CartwrightCHI134,690
    Robert ParishBOS126,881
    Rony SeikalyMIA51,195
    Blair RasmussenATL27,465

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