WEST 137 – EAST 126

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  • A new generation of players arrived to the All-Star Game, with 9 players in their debut (this number would have been lower if the 1999 All-Star Weekend had been celebrated).
  • In 1977 and 1980, 9 players also debuted, but the record was established in 1994 with 10.
  • Looking at the rosters, the West was clearly better, and they demonstrated it later on the court.
  • Two Western players, Shaquille O’Neal and Tim Duncan, shared MVP honors. Besides, West had in Kevin Garnett another player who could get the MVP award.
  • Allen Iverson was the best player in the East, scoring and assisting.
  • West commanded almost the entire game, but until the last quarter the game wasn’t decided.
  • The West team used only 10 players, because David Robinson only played 7 minutes due to shoulder pains, and Karl Malone (who arrived Sunday instead of two days before like the rest of the players) played only 3 minutes.
  • MVP: Shaquille O’Neal and Tim Duncan (West)

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