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    NBA-ALLSTAR.COM NOW IS JUSTALLSTAR.COM, JUST MUCH BETTER! (formerly known as and has a long history, just like the NBA All-Star Weekend. Founded in 2008 by a Spanish basketball afficionado, the website about the NBA All-Star Weekend soon became the go-to resource for all information about the NBA mid-season show event. Today, a small group of young basketball fans runs

    After 10 years, it was now time for a re-fresh of the website!

    before after

    What has changed with the re-launch?

    First of all, be assured that you will still find all the great background information as well as all Stats n’ Records on, just everything is much better now!

    The following gives an overview on what specifically changed with the re-launch of the NBA All-Star website:

    • By far the most significant change is the new name and domain of this basketball website: by removing “nba” from the name, the page now is “just All-Star” or WWW.JUSTALLSTAR.COM.
    • Another very important aspect is the new design and layout of We re-designed the entire page and all the game information, tables, stats, etc. are presented in an up-to-date, user-friendly design.
    • is now 100% mobile friendly! Today, around 2/3 of the visitors use the site with a mobile device (cell phone or tablet). Consequently, we put a lot of efforts into making 100% mobile device friendly in order that the majority of our visitors will have a completely new, great user experience.
    • We created new content and you will now find player specific stats and information on More information and data will be added over time, especially also full NBA All-Star stats for all the players.
    • The website now runs on Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (https), which is the secure version of http. It means all communications between your browser and the website are now encrypted enhancing the security for our visitors.
    • For now, is only available in English. Considering the Spanish roots of the website and the visitor base in Spain, we are planning to launch a Spanish version in the course of 2019. More languages may be added as well.

    What else can I expect from going forward?

    The re-design with the re-launch is just the beginning!

    Over the next few weeks, we will publish more insightful content about the 2019 NBA All-Star Weekend in Charlotte.

    Stay tuned for the game preview with exclusive simulations of the upcoming All-Star Game.

    In addition, interesting background comments and information about players, rookies, locations, and more will be published throughout the year. That is, it is worth checking back on a regular basis to browse through the NBA All-Star News in order not to miss the latest All-Star buzz and rumors.

    NBA All-Star Fans are important, contact us!

    We are very interested in your comments and feedback!

    Leave us a note through the contact form (in the footer of every page and on the Contact Us page) or send us an email. In addition, a lot of our posts will be open for comments. We are looking forward to interactive basketball fan discussions!

    All-Star Weekend data and information on

    We do our best to make sure the data and information on is appropriate and correct.

    Nevertheless, some of the data may be missing (e.g. older ballot information, which is not available online) or information could be altered during the data uploading process.

    Please contact us by email if you should have any pieces of the missing information or find any potentially false data. We will review it accordingly and revise as appropriate.

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    Re-launching and maintaining a high-quality website is pretty costly.

    Since we don’t want to be full of non-relevant ads, we use affiliate programs to partly cover the expenses of The affiliate content depicted on mainly relates to basketball and other sports.

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