• This contest is discontinued since 2016 NBA All-Star Weekend.
    • In 2004, this contest replaced the Hoop-it-up Tournament. It was a time based shooting competition involving an NBA player, a WNBA player, and a retired NBA player who represent their teams’ city.
    • 4 teams competed shooting in sequential order to make six shots from different spots as quick as possible.

    These were the 6 shots:

    1. Shot #1 – 10 foot bank shot from right side angle
    2. Shot #2 – 15 foot shot from left side angle
    3. Shot #3 – NBA 3 point shot from top of the arc
    4. Shot #4 – 18-Foot shot from right side baseline
    5. Shot #5 – NBA 3 point shot from left side angle
    6. Shot #6 – Shot from just inside half-court
    • Each shot must be made before the next player begins shooting (players have unlimited attempts for each shot).
    • There was a two minute time limit to make the 6 shots for each team.
    • Since 2007, the contest has 2 rounds, with the two fastest first round times advancing to the final.
    • Since 2014 there’s only 4 shots per round: 10 foot bank shot from right side angle, 20 foot shot from the top of the key, NBA 3 point shot from the left side angle and half-court shot.

    2015: Team Bosh Watch Shooting Stars Recap from

    • For the third consecutive year the team of Chris Bosh, Dominique Wilkins and Swin Cash won the contest.
    • Wilkins was decisive scoring both halfcourt shots. Team Westbrook couldn’t make the halfcourt in the final round before the 1:30 limit expired.

    Equipo 1ª Ronda Final

    Team1st RoundVideosFinalVideos
    Team Bosh30.8 sec.Watch57.6 sec.Watch
    Team Westbrook35.2 sec.WatchWatch
    Team Curry47.0 sec.Watch
    Team Millsap51.4 sec.Watch

    Team Curry – Stephen Curry, Dell Curry and Sue Bird.
    Team Westbrook – 
    Russell Westbrook, Penny Hardaway and Tamika Catchings.
    Team Millsap – Paul Millsap, Scottie Pippen and Elena Delle Donne.
    Team Bosh  – Chris Bosh, Dominique Wilikins and Swin Cash.


    2014: Team Bosh  Watch Shooting Stars Recap from NBA .com

    • In this edition there were only 4 shots. Chris Bosh made a weird contest, missing several three pointers but making the half-court shot on his first attempt in both rounds.

    Equipo 1ª Ronda Final

    Team1st RoundVideosFinalVideos
    Team Bosh35.6 sec.Watch31.4 sec.Watch
    Team Durant1:00 min.Watch43.6 sec.Watch
    Team Curry1:05 min.Watch
    Team Hardaway1:25 min.Watch

    Team Curry – Stephen Curry, Dell Curry and Becky Hammon.
    Team Durant – 
    Kevin Durant, Karl Malone and Skylar Diggins.
    Team Hardaway – Tim Hardaway Jr, Tim Hardaway Sr and Elena Delle Donne.
    Team Bosh  – Chris Bosh, Dominique Wilikins and Swin Cash.


    2013: Team Bosh   Watch Shooting Stars Recap from NBA .com

    • The fastest West team and fastest East team from the first round advanced to the final round. Team Bosh won the contest with the worst time in 10 years history.
    • Team Westbrook made less than 30 seconds in the first round, the third best mark in the shooting stars contest history.

    Equipo 1ª Ronda Final

    Team1st RoundVideosFinalVideos
    Team Bosh50.0 sec.Watch1:29 min.Watch
    Team Westbrook29.5 sec.Watch*Watch
    Team Harden37.9 sec.Watch
    Team Lopez1:07 min.Watch

    * Team Westbrook stop shooting after 1:30 minutes.

    Team Harden (West): James Harden, Sam Cassell and Tina Thompson.
    Team Westbrook (West)
    : Russell Westbrook, Robert Horry and Maya Moore.
    Team Bosh (East): Chris Bosh, Dominique Wilkins and Swin Cash.
    Team Lopez (East): Brook Lopez, Muggsy Bogues and Tamika Catchings.


    2012: Team New York

    • A brilliant Allan Houston leaded New York Team to his first Shooting Stars championship.
    • This is the first time a team win the contest with less than 40 seconds in each round.
      Another ex-player, Kenny Smith, made some of the highlights of the contests.

    Equipo 1ª Ronda Final

    Team1st RoundFinal
    New York38,7 sec.37,3 sec.
    Texas42,7 sec.47,6 sec.
    Atlanta55,3 sec.
    Orlando1:04 min

    Atlanta: Jerry Stackhouse, Lindsay Harding and Steve Smith.
    New York
    : Landry Fields, Cappie Pondexter and Allan Houston.
    Texas: Chandler Parsons, Sophia Young and Kenny Smith.
    Orlando: Jameer Nelson, Marie Ferdinand-Harris and Dennis Scott.


    2011: Team Atlanta Watch Shooting Stars Recap from

    Team1st RoundFinal
    Texas47,6 sec.1:10 min
    Los Angeles31,8 sec.Disq. *
    Atlanta55,8 sec.
    Chicago1:06 min.

    * They stop shooting after surpassing Atlanta time.

    Texas: Dirk Nowitzki, Roneeka Hodges and Kenny Smith.
    Los Angeles
    : Pau Gasol, Tina Thompson and Rick Fox
    Atlanta: Al Horford, Coco Miller and Steve Smith
    Chicago: Taj Gibson, Cathrine Kraayveld and Steve Kerr


    2010: Team Texas

    Team1st RoundFinal
    Texas1:28 min.34,3 sec.
    Los Angeles1:00 min.55,2 sec.
    Sacramento1:46 min.
    Atlanta1:47 min.

    Texas: Dirk Nowitzki, Becky Hammon and Kenny Smith.
    Los Angeles
    : Pau Gasol, Marie Ferdinand-Harris and Brent Barry
    Atlanta: Joe Johnson, Angel McCoughtry and Steve Smith
    Sacramento: Tyreke Evans, Nicole Powell and Chris Webber


    2009: Team Detroit

    Team1st RoundFinal
    Detroit59,3 sec.58,4 sec.
    Phoenix53,3 sec.1:15 min.
    San Antonio1:06 min.
    LA Lakers1:16 min.

    Detroit: Aaron Afflalo, Katie Smith, and Bill Laimbeer
    : Leandro Barbosa, Tangela Smith, Dan Majerle
    San Antonio: Tim Duncan, Becky Hammon and David Robinson.
    LA Lakers: Derek Fisher, Lisa Leslie, Michael Cooper


    2008: Team San Antonio

    Team1st RoundFinal
    San Antonio41,4 sec.35,8 sec.
    Chicago39,6 sec.53,3 sec.
    Phoenix50,9 sec.
    Detroit57,6 sec.

    San Antonio: Tim Duncan, Becky Hammon and David Robinson.
    Chicago: Chris Duhon, Candice Dupree and B.J. Armstrong
    Phoenix: Amare Stoudemire, Cappie Poindexter and Eddie Johnson
    Detroit: Chauncey Billups, Swin Cash and Bill Laimbeer


    2007: Team Detroit

    Team1st RoundFinal
    Detroit1:06 minutes50.5 sec.
    Chicago48.9 sec.Disq. *
    San Antonio1:32 minutes
    Los Angeles2:00 minutes

    * Disqualified – Due to Ben Gordon shooting before Candice Dupree

    Detroit: Chauncey Billups, Swin Cash, Bill Laimbeer.
    Chicago: Ben Gordon, Candice Dupree, Scottie Pippen. 
    San Antonio
    : Tony Parker, Kendra Wecker, George Gervin.
    Los Angeles: Smush Parker, Temeka Johnson, Michael Cooper.


    2006: Team San Antonio

    San Antonio squad gave no chance to their rivals. They only missed one shot (Parker), but the French point guard scored his first attempt from half court.

    SAN ANTONIO: Tony Parker, Kendra Wecker, Steve Kerr (25.1 seconds)
    LOS ANGELES (Lakers)
    : Kobe Bryant, Lisa Leslie, Magic Johnson (41.3 seconds)
    HOUSTON: Tracy McGrady, Sheryl Swoopes, Clyde Drexler (47.2 seconds)
    PHOENIX: Shawn Marion, Kelly Miller, Dan Majerle (47.7 seconds)


    2005: Team Phoenix

    PHOENIX: Shawn Marion, Diana Taurasi, Dan Majerle (28.0 seconds)
    DENVER: Andre Miller, Becky Hammon, Alex English (44.3 seconds)
    DETROIT: Ronald Dupree, Swin Cash, Adrian Dantley (1:18 minutes)
    LOS ANGELES (Lakers)
    : Luke Walton, Lisa Leslie, Magic Johnson (1:23 minutes)


    2004: Team Los Angeles (Lakers)

    One of the hometown teams won the contest after Derek Fisher banked the halfcourt shot.
    The “star” of the contest was John Salley, who had a lot of trouble on the left-side three-pointer, missing about a dozen shots, throwing the ball at the rim and even attempting a layup  before finally banking one in. He redeemed by making the halfcourt shot in his next attempt.

    LOS ANGELES (Lakers): Derek Fisher, Lisa Leslie, Magic Johnson (43.9 seconds)
    SAN ANTONIO: Manu Ginobili, Jennifer Azzi, Steve Kerr (46.0 seconds)
    LOS ANGELES (Clippers): Marko Jaric, Nikki Teasley, Terry Cummings (49.8 seconds)
    DETROIT: Chauncey Billups, Cheryl Ford, John Salley (1:05 minutes)