• Wally Szczerbiak (Min) played as reserve despite not being listed in the Top 10 voting for the position.
    • Jason Kidd started the game because Vince Carter was injured.
    • Chris Webber started the game because Shaquille O’Neal was injured.
    • Since 1975, the NBA All-Star selections have been left to the fans who vote to determine the starting five for each team. NBA coaches complete the rosters.
    • Until 1974, the starters per team and three bench players were chosen by sport writers and sport casters.
    • Until 1973, each NBA team had to be represented with at least 1 player and a maximum of 3 players.

    Ballot 2002 Votes

    S=Starter R=Reserve
    Kobe Bryant LALS1,121,753
    Steve Francis HOUS456,972
    Gary Payton SEAR367,120
    Michael FinleyDAL299,747
    Stephon MarburyPHO297,112
    Steve Nash DALR278,664
    Mike BibbySAC265,691
    Anfernee HardawayORL228,054
    Doug ChristieSAC175,366
    Jason WilliamsSAC170,807
    Kevin Garnett MINS880,692
    Tim DuncanSAS762,289
    Chris Webber SACS553,401
    Dirk Nowitzki DALR398,184
    Peja Stojakovic SACR323,664
    Scottie PippenPOR197,554
    Karl MaloneUTA163,009
    Elton Brand LACR160,678
    Rasheed WallacePOR156,924
    Shawn MarionPHO138,656
    Shaquille O’NealLAL1,247,438
    Vlade DivacSAC319,415
    David RobinsonSA310,201
    Shawn BradleyDAL110,225
    John AmaechiUTA67,740
    Lorenzen WrightMEM65,263
    Calvin BoothSEA63,335
    Raef LaFrentzDEN62,933
    Kelvin CatoHOU62,659
    Dale DavisPOR60,755
    Michael Jordan WASS985,448
    Allen Iverson PHIS920,502
    Tracy McGrady ORLR453,276
    Jason KiddNJS442,630
    Ray Allen MILR365,421
    Paul Pierce BOSR254,840
    Latrell SprewellNY140,601
    Baron Davis CHAR127,291
    Sam CassellMIL120,868
    Jerry StackhouseDET114,412
    Vince CarterTOR1,470,176
    Antoine Walker BOSS   547172
    Grant HillORL   427446
    Shareef Abdur-Rahim ATLR   335955
    Kenyon MartinNJ211,299
    Glenn RobinsonMIL211,262
    Keith Van HornNJ170,920
    Jamaal MashburnCHA148,069
    Antonio DavisTOR137,770
    Brian GrantMIA128,578
    Dikembe Mutombo PHIS616,566
    Jermaine O’Neal INDR411,422
    Alonzo Mourning MIAR279,423
    Marcus CambyNY235,060
    Hakeem OlajuwonTOR234,518
    Patrick EwingORL132,156
    Ben WallaceDET120,144
    Elden CampbellCHA91,122
    Earvin JohnsonMIL82,194
    Eddy CurryCHI67,627

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