NBA ALL STAR VOTING RESULTS 1977 – Milwaukee

    • Earl Monroe (NY), Rudy Tomjanovich (Hou) and Phil Chenier (Was) played as reserves despite not being listed in the Top 10 voting for their positions.
    • Since 1975, the NBA All-Star selections have been left to the fans who vote to determine the starting five for each team. NBA coaches complete the rosters.
    • Until 1974, the starters per team and three bench players were chosen by sport writers and sport casters.
    • Until 1973, each NBA team had to be represented with at least 1 player and a maximum of 3 players.

    Ballot 1977 Votes

    S=Starter R=Reserve
    Paul Westphal PHOS163,173
    Norm Van Lier CHIS134,411
    Slick WattsSEA130,211
    Ralph SimpsonDET106,156
    Fred BrownSEA97,855
    Don Buse INDR94,376
    Kevin PorterDET82,402
    Brian WintersMIL75,596
    Phil SmithGSR66,616
    Lionel HollinsPOR62,809
    David Thompson DENS319,047
    Bobby Jones DENS164,892
    Rick BarryGSR179,453
    Billy Knight INDR103,903
    Maurice Lucas PORR102,624
    Bruce SealsSEA80,192
    Bobby DandridgeMIL79,632
    Mickey JohnsonCHI71,948
    Gar HeardPHO60,955
    Jamaal WilkesGS59,857
    Dan Issel DENS182,585
    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar LALR146,426
    Bill WaltonPOR134,621
    Artis GilmoreCHI103,931
    Bob Lanier DETR70,700
    Pete MaravichNOS235,541
    Doug Collins PHIS125,173
    Nate ArchibaldNY114,344
    Mike GaleSA107,955
    James SilasSA104,600
    Walt FrazierNY103,379
    Mack CalvinSA101,590
    Dick SnyderCLE98,996
    Jim CleamonsCLE85,424
    Jo Jo WhiteBOS76,552
    Julius Erving PHIS310,517
    George McGinnis PHIS244,829
    John Havlicek BOSR187,610
    George GervinSAR128,130
    Larry KenonSA115,045
    Adrian DantleyBUF93,278
    Jim BrewerCLE80,794
    Leonard GraySEA70,030
    Bingo SmithCLE67,349
    Elvin Hayes WASR65,963
    Bob McAdooNYS277,943
    Billy PaultzSA116,877
    Jim ChonesCLE111,392
    Dave CowensBOS84,776
    Wes UnseldWAS62,713