• A lot of NBA All-Stars (74) played as pro in several US leagues apart from the NBA. Starting in the 40’s-50’s with pioneers playing in leagues like the NBL until recent old players trying to find his way to the NBA through the D-League.
  • There are even 4 leagues that only had 1 NBA All-Star, and the opposite, the ABA with plenty of NBA stars.
  • I’ve not included on the list the BAA (Basketball Association of America), because in 1949 became in the NBA after absorbing the NBL league.
    Also are not included touring teams like the New York Rens and the Harlem Globetrotters.
  • 9 of these NBA All-Stars also played overseas.
  • List updated until Nov. 2013.

ABA (American Basketball Association) 1967-1976 · 26 Players
Rick Barry (Oakland Oaks, Washington Caps, New York Nets)
Zelmo Beaty (Utah Stars)
Don Buse (Indiana Pacers)
Joe Caldwell (Carolina Cougars, Spirits of St. Louis)
Len Chappell (Dallas Chaparrals)
Billy Cunningham (Carolina Cougars)
Julius Erving (Virginia Squires, New York Nets)
George Gervin (Virginia Squires, San Antonio Spurs)
Artis Gilmore (Kentucky Colonels)
Cliff Hagan (Dallas Chaparrals)
Connie Hawkins (Pittsburgh/Minnesota Pipers)
Spencer Haywood (Denver Rockets)
Dan Issel (Kentucky Colonels, Denver Nuggets)
Gus Johnson (Indiana Pacers)
Bobby Jones (Denver Nuggets)
Larry Kenon (New York Nets, San Antonio Spurs)
Billy Knight (Indiana Pacers)
Maurice Lucas (Spirits of St. Louis, Kentucky Colonels)
Moses Malone (Utah Stars, Spirits of St. Louis)
George McGinnis (Indiana Pacers)
Steve Mix (Denver Rockets)
Flynn Robinson (San Diego Conquistadors)
Dan Roundfield (Indiana Pacers)
Charlie Scott (Virginia Squires)
Adrian Smith (Virginia Squires)
David Thompson (Denver Nuggets)
EPBL/EBA/CBA (Eastern Professional Basketball League/Eastern Basketball Association/Continental Basketball Association) 1946-2009 · 19 Players
Michael Adams (Bay State Bombardiers)
Paul Arizin (Camden Bullets)
Larry Costello (Wilkes-Barre Barons)
John Drew (Wyoming Wildcatters)
Walter Dukes (Camden Bullets, Trenton Colonials, Asbury Park Boardwalkers, Scranton Miners)
George Gervin (Quad City Thunder)
Rickey Green (Hawaii Volcanos)
Eddie Johnson (Rapid City Thrillers)
Bob Love (Trenton Colonials)
Anthony Mason (Tulsa Fast Breakers)
Richie Regan (Baltimore Bullets)
Micheal Ray Richardson (Albany Patroons)
Alvin Robertson (Florida Beachdogs)
Campy Russell (Detroit Spirits)
Cazzie Russell (Philadelphia Kings)
Ralph Sampson (Rockford Lightning)
Woody Sauldsberry (New Haven Elms)
John Starks (Cedar Rapids Silver Bullets)
Jayson Williams (Idaho Stampede)
AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) 1935-1968 · 13 Players
Bob Boozer (Peoria Caterpillars)
Vince Boryla (Denver Nuggets)
Richie Guerin (Quantico Marines)
Don Kojis (Phillips 66ers)
Clyde Lee (Knoxville Contac Caps)
Tom Meschery (San Francisco Olympic Club)
Don Ohl (Peoria Cats)
Jim Pollard (San Diego Dons, Oakland Bittners)
Flynn Robinson (Denver Capital)
Bob Rule (Denver Capital)
Cazzie Russell (Detroit Ford Mustangs)
Ken Sears (San Francisco Olympic Club)
George Yardley (San Francisco Stewart Chevrolets, Los Alamitos Naval Air Station)
ABL (American Basketball League) 1961-1963 · 8 Players
Dick Barnett (Cleveland Pipers)
Bill Bridges (Kansas City Steers)
Nat Clifton (Chicago Majors)
Connie Hawkins (Pittsburgh Rens)
Neil Johnston (Pittsburgh Rens)
Ken Sears (San Francisco Sears)
Bill Sharman (Cleveland Pipers)
George Yardley (Los Angeles Jets)
NBL (National Basketball League) 1937-1949 · 7 Players
Bob Davies (Brooklyn Indians, Brooklyn Gothams, Rochester Royals)
Billy Gabor (Syracuse Nationals)
George Mikan (Chicago American Gears, Minneapolis Lakers)
Jim Pollard (Minneapolis Lakers)
Arnie Risen (Indianapolis Kautskys)
Dolph Schayes (Syracuse Nationals)
Paul Seymour (Toledo Jeeps)
USBL (United States Basketball League) 1985-2008 · 4 Players
Michael Adams (Springfield Fame)
World B. Free (Miami Tropics)
Anthony Mason (Long Island Surf)
Micheal Ray Richardson (Long Island Knights)
NIBL (National Industrial Basketball League) 1947-1961 · 4 Players
Don Barksdale (Oakland Blue n’ Gold Atlas)
Bob Boozer (Peoria Caterpillars)
Clyde Lovellette (Phillips 66ers)
Chuck Noble (Akron Goodyears)
D-League (NBA Development League) 2001- 2 Players
Josh Howard (Austin Toros)
Antoine Walker (Idaho Stampede)
ABA (American Basketball Association) 1999-  2 Players
Christian Laettner (Jacksonville Giants)
Dennis Rodman (Long Beach Jam, Orange County Crush, Tijuana Dragons)
ABL (American Basketball League) 1925-1955 · 2 Players
Don Barksdale (Oakland Bittners)
Bob Davies (Brooklyn Indians, Brooklyn Gothams)
PBLA (Professional Basketball League of America) 1947-1948 · 2 Players
George Mikan (Chicago Gears)
Paul Seymour (New Orleans Hurricanes)
SBL (Southwest Basketball League) 1997-2003 · 1 Player
Alvin Robertson (San Antonio Bombers)
WBL (World Basketball League) 1987-1992 · 1 Player
John Starks (Memphis Rockers)
WBA (Western Basketball Association) 1978-1979 · 1 Player
Cazzie Russell (Great Falls Sky)
AABA (All-American Basketball Alliance) 1977-1978 · 1 Player
Flynn Robinson (Indiana Wizards)