• In 1986 NBA added another contest to the party. The last addition was the Slam Dunk Contest in 1984, and then Dallas had the honor of being the place where the Three-point Shootout Contest was inaugurated.
    • The rules are very easy: Players have one minute to shot 25 balls, 5 in each spots. The last ball of each spot “money-ball” has three colors (red, blue and white ABA ball), and it’s worth 2 points. The rest of the balls count for one point only.
    • Furthermore, in the 2014 edition, the NBA added a rack consisting only of “money-balls”, which can be placed on any of the 5 spots according to the player’s choice, bringing up the maximum possible score to 34 points.
    • The three best scores advance to the final round.
    • Until 1998 there were 3 rounds: Firsts round, semifinals and final with 8, 4 and 2 players competing in each round.
    • Since 2000 there are only 2 rounds.
    • During 11 years, 2003 – 2013 only 6 contestants took part in the competition.
    • Please see all 3-Point Shootout results in the lists below. Click on the years to see the results for the decade.
    • For further information, visit the contest site for each year.

    Winner:Devin Booker
    Players1st RoundFinal
    Devin Booker1928
    Klay Thompson1925
    Tobias Harris1817
    Wayne Ellington17
    Bradley Beal15
    Eric Gordon12
    Kyle Lowry11
    Paul George9
    Winner:Eric Gordon
    Players1st RoundFinal
    Eric Gordon2520+21*
    Kyrie Irving2020+18
    Kemba Walker1917
    Klay Thompson18
    Nick Young18
    Wes Matthews11
    C.J. McCollum10
    Kyle Lowry9
    * Eric Gordon won the final tiebreaker 21-18.
    Winner:Klay Thompson
    Players1st RoundFinal
    Klay Thompson2227
    Stephen Curry2123
    Devin Booker #2016
    James Harden #20
    JJ Redick #20
    Kyle Lowry15
    C.J. McCollum *14
    Khris Middleton13
    * C.J. McCollum was the replacement for injured Chris Bosh (strained calf).
    # Booker won a 30 seconds tie-breaker (12 points). Redick 9 and Harden 8.
    Winner:Stephen Curry
    Players1st RoundFinal
    Stephen Curry2327
    Kyrie Irving2317
    Klay Thompson2414
    Wesley Matthews22
    Marco Belinelli18
    Kyle Korver18
    JJ Redick18
    James Harden15
    Winner:Marco Belinelli
    Players1st RoundFinalTie-breaker
    Marco Belinelli191924
    Bradley Beal211918
    Damian Lillard18
    Kyrie Irving17
    Kevin Love16
    Stephen Curry16
    Arron Afflalo15
    Joe Johnson11
    Winner:Kyrie Irving
    Players1st RoundFinal
    Kyrie Irving1823
    Matt Bonner1920
    Ryan Anderson18
    Steve Novak17
    Stephen Curry17
    Paul George10
    Winner:Kevin Love
    Players1st RoundFinal
    Kevin Love18 *16-17
    Kevin Durant2016-14
    James Jones2212
    Mario Chalmers18 *
    Ryan Anderson17
    Anthony Morrow14
    * Kevin Love won first round 24-seconds tiebreaker 5-4 against Mario Chalmers. He won another tiebreaker in the final.
    Winner:James Jones
    Players1st RoundFinal
    James Jones1620
    Ray Allen2015
    Paul Pierce1218
    Dorell Wright11
    Daniel Gibson7
    Kevin Durant6
    Winner:Paul Pierce
    Players1st RoundFinal
    Paul Pierce1720
    Stephen Curry1817
    Chauncey Billups1714
    Danilo Gallinari15
    Daequan Cook15
    Channing Frye15

    Winner:Daequan Cook *
    Players1st RoundFinal
    Daequan Cook *1815
    Rashard Lewis1715
    Jason Kapono1614
    Mike Bibby14
    Roger Mason13
    Danny Granger13
    * Daequan Cook won the final tiebreaker by 19-7.
    Winner:Jason Kapono
    Players1st RoundFinal
    Jason Kapono20 25
    Daniel Gibson1717
    Dirk Nowitzki1714
    Peja Stojakovic15
    Richard Hamilton14
    Steve Nash9
    Winner:Jason Kapono
    PlayersFirst RoundFinal
    Jason Kapono1924
    Gilbert Arenas2317
    Dirk Nowitzki209
    Mike Miller18
    Damon Jones15
    Jason Terry10
    Winner:Dirk Nowitzki
    PlayersFirst RoundFinal
    Dirk Nowitzki1418
    Gilbert Arenas1416
    Ray Allen1915
    Jason Terry13
    Quentin Richardson12
    Chauncey Billups12
    Winner:Quentin Richardson
    PlayersFinalBest Streak3-Color Ball
    Quentin Richardson1945
    Kyle Korver1842
    Voshon Lenard1652
    1st RoundBest Streak3-Color Ball
    Quentin Richardson1433
    Kyle Korver1443
    Voshon Lenard2155
    Ray Allen1321
    Joe Johnson812
    V. Radmanovic621
    Winner:Voshon Lenard
    PlayersFinalBest Streak3-Color Ball
    Voshon Lenard1845
    Peja Stojakovic1642
    Kyle Korver1552
    1st RoundBest Streak3-Color Ball
    Voshon Lenard1854
    Peja Stojakovic2153
    Kyle Korver1993
    Rashard Lewis1642
    Cuttino Mobley1332
    Chauncey Billups1233
    Winner:Peja Stojakovic
    PlayersFinalBest Streak3-Color Ball
    Peja Stojakovic20 *43
    Wesley Person20 *73
    Brent Barry1742
    1st RoundBest Streak3-Color Ball
    Peja Stojakovic1941
    Wesley Person1442
    Brent Barry1954
    Pat Garrity1341
    David Wesley1242
    Antoine Walker731
    Tiebreaker: Stojakovic 22 (best streak 5 and 4 3-Color Ball) – Person 16 (4 and 1)
    Winner:Peja Stojakovic
    PlayersFinalBest Streak3-Color Ball
    Peja Stojakovic1951
    Wesley Person1952
    Steve Nash1852
    1st RoundBest Streak3-Color Ball
    Peja Stojakovic2193
    Wesley Person2044
    Steve Nash1543
    Quentin Richardson1443
    Ray Allen1461
    Mike Miller1022
    Paul Pierce831
    Steve Smith820
    Winner:Ray Allen
    PlayersFinalBest Streak3-Color Ball
    Ray Allen19103
    Peja Stojakovic1743
    Dirk Nowitzki1031
    1st RoundBest Streak3-Color Ball
    Ray Allen2063
    Peja Stojakovic1953
    Dirk Nowitzki1753
    Pat Garrity1533
    Steve Nash1443
    Rashard Lewis1242
    Allan Houston1142
    Bryon Russell1021
    Winner:Jeff Hornacek
    PlayersFinalBest Streak3-Color Ball
    Jeff Hornacek1332
    Dirk Nowitzki1124
    Ray Allen1031
    1st RoundBest Streak3-Color Ball
    Jeff Hornacek1772
    Dirk Nowitzki1863
    Ray Allen1634
    Mike Bibby1553
    Terry Porter1552
    Hubert Davis1472
    Allen Iverson1021
    Bob Sura951

    Winner:Jeff Hornacek
    Players1st RoundSemifinalFinal
    Jeff Hornacek1715 *16
    Hubert Davis152410
    Dale Ellis1815 *
    Charlie Ward1511
    Sam Mack14
    Glen Rice13
    Tracy Murray12
    Reggie Miller12
    * Jeff Hornacek broke the tie winning an extra 30 seconds round.
    Winner:Steve Kerr
    Players1st RoundSemifinalFinal
    Steve Kerr152122
    Tim Legler171918
    Glen Rice1614
    Walt Williams1812
    John Stockton13
    Dale Ellis12
    Terry Mills11
    Sam Perkins8
    Winner:Tim Legler
    Players1st RoundSemifinalFinal
    Tim Legler232220
    Dennis Scott191914
    George McCloud1817
    Steve Kerr1817
    Dana Barros18 *
    Hubert Davis17
    Glen Rice17
    Clifford Robinson17
    * Barros lost in the first round tie-braker.
    Winner:Glen Rice
    Players1st RoundSemifinalFinal
    Glen Rice141916
    Reggie Miller171915
    Scott Burrell1917
    Chuck Person1516
    Steve Kerr13
    Nick Anderson12
    Dana Barros9
    Dan Majerle9
    Winner:Mark Price
    Players1st RoundSemifinalFinal
    Mark Price152124
    Dana Barros13 *1713
    Steve Kerr1813
    Dale Ellis2010
    Erick Murdock13 *
    Dell Curry12
    Mitch Richmond12
    B.J. Armstrong8
    *Barros broke the tie in the extra round.
    Winner:Mark Price
    Players1st RoundSemifinalFinal
    Mark Price192116
    Terry Porter161715
    Craig Hodges14 *16
    Dana Barros1515
    Reggie Miller14 *
    Kenny Smith12
    B.J. Armstrong11
    Dan Majerle10
    *Hodges broke the tie in the extra round.
    Winner:Craig Hodges
    Players1st RoundSemifinalFinal
    Craig Hodges161516
    Jim Les152015
    Mitch Richmond1211
    Drazen Petrovic138
    Dell Curry11
    John Stockton11
    Craig Ehlo10
    Jeff Hornacek7
    Larry BirdInjured
    Winner:Craig Hodges
    Players1st RoundSemifinalFinal
    Craig Hodges202417
    Terry Porter15 *1412
    Dennis Scott1612
    Danny Ainge1811
    Tim Hardaway15 *
    Hersey Hawkins14
    Glen Rice9
    Clyde Drexler8
    * Terry Porter broke the tie winning an extra 30 second roun
    Winner:Craig Hodges
    Players1st RoundSemifinalFinal
    Craig Hodges2017 *17
    Reggie Miller161815
    Jon Sundvold1517 *
    Bobby Hansen1514
    Craig Ehlo14
    Larry Bird13
    Mark Price11
    Michael Jordan5
    * Craig Hodges broke the tie winning an extra 30 second round.

    Winner:Dale Ellis
    Players1st RoundSemifinalFinal
    Dale Ellis191819
    Craig Hodges201815
    Gerald Henderson1713
    Reggie Miller1511
    Michael Adams12
    Derek Harper12
    Jon Sundvold12
    Danny Ainge11
    Rimas Kurtinaitis9
    Winner:Larry Bird
    Players1st RoundSemifinalFinal
    Larry Bird172317
    Dale Ellis161215
    Byron Scott1911
    Detlef Schrempf155
    Danny Ainge14
    Mark Price14
    Trent Tucket11
    Craig Hodges10
    Winner:Larry Bird
    Players1st RoundSemifinalFinal
    Larry Bird13 *1816
    Detlef Schrempf191614
    Michael Cooper1510
    Danny Ainge148
    Dale Ellis13 *
    Craig Hodges13 *
    Kiki Vandeweghe12
    Byron Scott9
    Trent TuckerInjured – Replaced by Danny Ainge
    * Larry Bird broke the tie winning an extra 30 seconds round.
    Winner:Larry Bird
    Players1st RoundSemifinalFinal
    Larry Bird161822
    Craig Hodges2514 *12
    Dale Ellis1714 *
    Trent Tucker1913
    Sleepy Floyd13
    Kyle Macy13
    Leon Wood13
    Norm Nixon9
    * Craig Hodges broke the tie winning an extra 30 seconds round.