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7 Must Have Bike Accessories and Parts for 2024

There is so much excitement around buying a new bike – whether for fitness reasons or recreational activities; a new bike can be a great start for a new phase of your life. But when buying a bike, you will notice that you will have to buy extra necessary parts and accessories. 

But again, so many bike parts and accessories are available in the market. Confused about which ones to choose? This article helps you pick the 7 most necessary bike parts and accessories for your new bike!

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1. Bike Helmet

A bike helmet should always accompany a bike. Helmets keep you safe in case of any mishap and ensure you can survive a fall or a crash. Some countries may not have strict rules for cyclists wearing helmets, but it is necessary to wear them.

2. Water Bottle Holder

Staying hydrated is crucial, even when you are cycling! Installing a water bottle holder will be handy when taking a long ride or biking off-road for adventures. Ensure you get a holder that sits comfortably on your bike – you can find high-quality parts from manufacturers like Shinesoon bike parts!

3. Safety Lights

Bike lights are another accessory that is a must for every cyclist, regardless of their age or occupation. You can opt for a headlight and blinking or rear tail lights for safety. These ensure you can see in low light, and you are easy to spot as well.

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4. Bike Bell

You might think – bike bell in 2024? But yes, we recommend one for safety! You can always use your bike bell when you cycle in your neighbourhoods – it will help you navigate among pedestrians and other cyclists. You can even pick a cute bell with a cute chime to match your aesthetic!

5. Bike Lock

A new bike always means there are concerns of theft – so why not invest in a good quality bike lock? You can find a wide range of types of locks – from the classic U-shaped ones to simple cable locks to sturdy combination locks, technology has a lot to offer to you. So pick one and keep your bike safe.

6.  Phone Holder

While this might not be a necessity for everyone, a phone holder on your bike is a must if you refer to maps often. Any other alternative is not safe enough – holding your phone in your hand is the best recipe for disaster. Also, a phone holder will be handy if your trousers don’t have pockets!

7. Flat Repair Kit

A flat repair kit might not be feasible for everyone – your bike might not have the space to store it. But it is something you should invest in. You can find small and simple kits to carry with your bike in the market. These kits can be handy in a time of emergency.

These are the must-have bike accessories and parts for your new bike. Make sure always to wear your helmet and safety gear to avoid any mishaps. We wish you a happy ride!

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