WEST 123 – EAST 132

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    • Julius Erving, the best scorer of the game, led East to its fourth consecutive victory, and also got the MVP.
    • East began hard with 42 points in the first quarter and it had the biggest advantage in the third quarter with 19 points.
    • In the West team, Magic Johnson made the assists record with 16.
    • Billy Cunningham got his third All-Star Game won as East coach, in the last four editions.
    • Another success for the Philadelphia 76ers was the feat that 4 of its players were selected for the Eastern team.
    • Before the game, Marvin Gaye stole the show with his singular interpretation of The Star-Spangled Banner anthem: Watch Marvin Gaye performing the American National Anthem on Youtube
    • MVP: Julius Erving (East)

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