• Buck Williams (NJ) played as reserve despite not being listed in the Top 10 voting result for his position.
    • Sidney Moncrief started the game because Michael Jordan was injured.
    • Since 1975, the NBA All-Star selections have been left to the fans who vote to determine the starting five for each team. NBA coaches complete the rosters.
    • Until 1974, the starters per team and three bench players were chosen by sport writers and sport casters.
    • Until 1973, each NBA team had to be represented with at least 1 player and a maximum of 3 players.

    Ballot 1986 Votes

    S=Starter R=Reserve
    Magic Johnson LALS1,060,892
    Alvin RobertsonSAS378,557
    Johnny MooreSA348,752
    Norm NixonLAC303,904
    John LucasHOU299,875
    Chris MullinGS299,631
    Lafayette LeverDEN286,300
    Michael CooperLAL276,069
    Clyde Drexler PORR257,628
    Rolando Blackman DALR255,204
    Ralph Sampson HOUS516,087
    James Worthy LALS461,528
    Alex English DENR410,112
    Mike MitchellSA381,611
    Marques Johnson LACR363,201
    Calvin NattDEN332,993
    Adrian Dantley UTAR323,456
    Mark AguirreDAL277,342
    Xavier McDanielSEA272,679
    Rodney McCrayHOU259,020
    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar LALS666,826
    Akeem Olajuwon HOUR434,294
    Artis GilmoreSAR306,899
    Wayne CooperDEN255,546
    Jack SikmaSEA240,138
    Mark EatonUTA226,240
    Joe Barry CarrollGS177,434
    James EdwardsPHO151,614
    Sam BowiePOR122,631
    Alvan AdamsPHO103,876
    Michael JordanCHI719,143
    Isiah Thomas DETS666,013
    Sidney Moncrief MILS503,105
    Dennis JohnsonBOS360,069
    World B. FreeCLE347,110
    Maurice Cheeks PHIR247,997
    George GervinCHI223,487
    Danny AingeBOS222,768
    Vinnie JohnsonDET216,276
    Jeff Malone WASR207,145
    Larry Bird BOSS702,440
    Julius Erving PHIS596,875
    Kelly TripucksDET411,032
    Dominique Wilkins ATLR383,855
    Kevin McHale BOSR379,696
    Terry CummingsMIL294,669
    Wayman TisdaleIND261,079
    Paul PresseyMIL256,666
    Charles BarkleyPHI243,841
    Roy HinsonCLE232,974
    Moses Malone PHIS615,089
    Patrick EwingNY344,843
    Jeff RulandWAS294,516
    Bill LaimbeerDET264,738
    Robert Parish BOSR251,576
    Melvin TurpinCLE206,441
    Alton ListerMIL202,723
    Darryl DawkinsNJ131,020
    Kevin WillisATL117,801
    Herb WilliamsIND98,482

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