• Since 1951, a total of 1,294,312 spectators have seen an NBA All-Star Game live, resulting in an average of 19,318 spectators per edition (status per 2018).
  • In 2010, Cowboys Stadium had the highest attendance ever with 108,713 fans.
  • The lowest number of spectators was present in 1961 with 8,016 people in Syracuse.
  • Los Angeles is the city who have hosted the most NBA All-Star Games with 6, followed by New York with 5 and Boston with 4.
  • There are several NBA cities that have not yet hosted an NBA All-Star Game. For example Brooklyn (even though the All-Star Game took place in the Madison Square Garden in New York, Brooklyn has yet to see an All-Star Game), Memphis, Oklahoma City, Portland and Sacramento (current NBA cities) or Buffalo, Kansas and Vancouver (former NBA cities).
  • Toronto in 2016, became the first location outside the US to host the All-Star Event.
  • The number of spectators for the 2019 All-Star Game in Charlotte is an estimate. No information was made available regarding the capacity.

Year Fans Venue City State