• In 1984 NBA decided to amplify the All Star Weekend. Besides the Slam Dunk competition, the NBA thought in its glorious players. It was the place for the homesickness, a look to the past. The new generations had the opportunity of watching some players with a glorious past that they would otherwise never have seen play live.
    • Like in the All Star Game there were two teams, East and West. The legends opened the Saturday program before the two contests. This game combined the excellent physic of some players (the youngest retired) with other glories that barely can run anymore.
    • During 10 years, it was a classic in the All Star Weekend, and players like Oscar Robertson, Rick Barry, George Gervin, Dave Cowens, Dave DeBusschere… participated in this great event.
    • After year 1993, the NBA decided to take the games out of the program due to the frequent injuries.
    • The opposite substituted he legend’s game: Since 1994 rookies play in the Saturday’s All Star Weekend.
    • Previously, in 1957 and 1964, there were two NBA Old-Timers Games.


    1957 EAST 52 – WEST 38
    1964 EAST 50 – WEST 46 (Bill Sharman 12, Jim Pollard 10)
    1984 WEST 65 – EAST 63 (Rick Barry 14, Pete Maravich 18)
    1985 EAST 63 – WEST 53 (Earl Monroe 14, Roger Brown 10)
    1986 WEST 53 – EAST 44 (Zelmo Beaty & Calvin Murphy 9, Pete Maravich 15)
    1987 WEST 54 – EAST 43 (Fred Brown 16, Pete Maravich 9)
    1988 EAST 47 – WEST 45 (OT) – (Randy Smith 11, Doug Collins & Rick Barry 12)
    1989 WEST 54 – EAST 53 (Calvin Murphy 26, Bobby Jones 13)
    1990 EAST 37 – WEST 36 (Elvin Hayes 10, Rick Barry 8)
    1991 EAST 41 – WEST 34 (David Thompson 12, George Gervin 11)
    1992 EAST 46 – WEST 38 (George Gervin 24, Calvin Murphy 10)
    1993 EAST 58 – WEST 45 (George Gervin 14, Calvin Murphy 10)


    Ron BooneZelmo Beaty
    M.L. CarrOtis Birdsong
    Dave CowensAustin Carr
    George GervinSpencer Haywood
    Artis GilmoreRod Hundley
    Connie HawkinsBobby Jones
    Lou HudsonMaurice Lucas
    Wali JonesCalvin Murphy
    Bob LoveClifford Ray
    Dan RoundfieldJamaal Wilkes
    Joe MullaneyFrank Layden

    Rick BarryAlvan Adams
    Dave BingDoug Collins
    Dave CowensBobby Jones
    George GervinArtis Glmore
    Connie HawkinsBob Love
    S. HaywoodMaurice Lucas
    Norm NixonCalvin Murphy
    Clifford RayDavid Thompson
    Dan RoundfieldJamaal Wilkes
    Jo Jo White
    Tom HeinsohnLarry Costello

    Tom BurlesonRick Barry
    Dave CowensPhil Chenier
    D. DeBusschereGeorge Gervin
    Phil FordArtis Gilmore
    Bobby JonesMaurice Lucas
    Jerry LucasCalvin Murphy
    Jack MarinSam Jones
    O. RobertsonClifford Ray
    Charlie ScottDan Roundfield
    David ThompsonJamaal Wilkes
    Frank McGuireJack Ramsay

    Zelmo BeatyRick Barry
    Archie ClarkDave Bing
    D. DeBusschereFred Brown
    Connie HawkinsDoug Collins
    Elvin HayesDave Cowens
    Walt HazzardS. Haywood
    Bobby JonesBailey Howell
    Wali JonesCalvin Murphy
    Cazzie RussellClifford Ray
    Jamaal Wilkes
    Bob CousyWillis Reed

    Nate ArchibaldRick Barry
    Zelmo BeatyDon Chaney
    Dave CowensElvin Hayes
    Spencer HaywoodDan Issel
    Rod HundleyLuke Jackson
    Bobby JonesEarl Monroe
    Tom McMillenCalvin Murphy
    Oscar RobertsonMike Newlin
    Paul WestphalClifford Ray
    Jamaal WilkesR. Tomjanovich
    Jack McMahonSlater Martin

    Dave CowensRick Barry
    Gail GoodrichZelmo Beaty
    Johnny GreenDave Bing
    John HavlicekDoug Collins
    Calvin MurphyTom Hawkins
    Clifford RayBailey Howell
    O. RobertsonDolph Schayes
    Tom SandersJerry Sloan
    Randy SmithNate Thurmond
    Jamaal WilkesNorm Van Lier
    Bob CousyJohn Kerr

    Bob CousyNate Archibald
    Dave CowensZelmo Beaty
    Walt FrazierFred Brown
    Harry GallatinTerry Dischinger
    Johnny GreenSpencer Haywood
    Sam JonesJerry Lucas
    Pete MaravichEd Macauley
    O. RobertsonGeoff Petrie
    Paul SilasNate Thurmond
    Wes UnseldSlick Watts
    Richie GuerinAl Attles

    Walt BellamyZelmo Beaty
    Bob CousyTom Gola
    Dave CowensElvin Hayes
    Gail GoodrichJack Marin
    John HavlicekSlater Martin
    Connie HawkinsCalvin Murphy
    Bailey HowellOscar Robertson
    Pete MaravichCazzie Russell
    Tom SandersRandy Smith
    Nate Thurmond
    Bill RussellJohn Kerr

    Rick BarryWalt Bellamy
    Zelmo BeatyDave Bing
    Bob DaviesRoger Brown
    D. DeBusschereBob Cousy
    Walt FrazierMel Daniels
    Tom HeinsohnJohn Havlicek
    Pete MaravichConnie Hawkins
    Earl MonroeJohn Kerr
    Bob PettitOscar Robertson
    Nate ThurmondDick Van Arsdale
    George YardleyTom Van Arsdale
    Red HolzmanBob Leonard

    Zelmo BeatyRick Barry
    D. DeBusschereDave Bing
    John HavlicekHal Greer
    Tom HeinsohnConnie Hawkins
    Sam JonesLou Hudson
    Pete MaravichJohn Kerr
    Dick McGuireEarl Monroe
    Oscar RobertsonBob Pettit
    Bill SharmanDolph Schayes
    Nate ThurmondJerry West
    Wes Unseld
    Red AuerbachAlex Hannum

    Bob BrannumAl Cervi
    Carl BraunJack Coleman
    Nat CliftonBob Davies
    Bob CousyArnie Johnson
    Harry GallatinSlater Martin
    Paul HoffmanGeorge Mikan
    John LoganVern Mikkelsen
    Ed MacauleyJim Pollard
    Andy PhilipArnie Risen
    Paul SeymourBobby Wanzer
    Bill SharmanMax Zaslofsky
    Art Spector
    Joe LapchickLes Harrison

    Bob BrannumBill Closs
    Ernie CalverleyBob Davies
    Al CerviJerry Fleishman
    Jack GarfinkleRed Holzman
    Sonny HertzbergArnie Johnson
    Fuzzy LevaneGrady Lewis
    Bones McKinneyJohnny Norlander
    Ed SadowskiKen Sailors
    George Senesky
    Connie Simmons
    Joe LapchickCarl Bennett


    Zaslofsky, Max19641
    Yardley, George19851
    Wilkes, Jamaal1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 19936
    White, Jo Jo19911
    Westphal, Paul19891
    West, Jerry19841
    Watts, Slick19871
    Wanzer, Bobby19641
    Van Lier, Norm19881
    Van Arsdale, Tom19851
    Van Arsdale, Dick19851
    Unseld, Wes1984 , 19872
    Tomjanovich, Rudy19891
    Thurmond, Nate1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 19885
    Thompson, David1991, 19922
    Spector, Art19641
    Smith, Randy1986, 19882
    Sloan, Jerry19881
    Simmons, Connie19571
    Silas, Paul19871
    Sharman, Bill1964, 19842
    Seymour, Paul19641
    Senesky, George19571
    Scott, Charlie19911
    Schayes, Dolph1984, 19882
    Sanders, Tom1986. 19882
    Sailors, Ken19571
    Sadowski, Ed19571
    Russell, Cazzie1986, 19902
    Roundfield, Dan1991, 1992, 19933
    Robertson, Oscar1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 19917
    Risen, Arnie19641
    Ray, Clifford1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 19936
    Pollard, Jim19641
    Philip, Andy19641
    Pettit, Bob1984, 19852
    Petrie, Geoff19871
    Norlander, Johnny19571
    Nixon, Norm19911
    Newlin, Mike19891
    Murphy, Calvin1986, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 19937
    Monroe, Earl1984, 1985, 19893
    Mikkelsen, Vern19641
    Mikan, George19641
    McMillen, Tom19891
    McKinney, Bones19571
    McGuire, Dick19841
    Martin, Slater1964, 19862
    Marin, Jack1986, 19912
    Maravich, Pete1984, 1985, 19863
    Macauley, Ed1964, 19872
    Lucas, Maurice1991, 1992, 19933
    Lucas, Jerry1987, 19912
    Love, Bob1991, 19932
    Logan, John19641
    Lewis, Grady19571
    Levane, Fuzzy19571
    Kerr, John1984, 19852
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    Jones, Wali1990, 19932
    Jones, Sam1984, 1987, 19913
    Jones, Bobby1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 19935
    Jackson, Luke19891
    Issel, Dan19891
    Hundley, Rod1989, 19932
    Hudson, Lou1984, 19932
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    Holzman, Red19571
    Hoffman, Paul19641
    Hertzberg, Sonny19571
    Heinsohn, Tom1984, 19852
    Hazzard, Walt19901
    Haywood, Spencer1987, 1989, 1990, 1992, 19935
    Hayes, Elvin1986, 1989, 19903
    Hawkins, Tom19881
    Hawkins, Connie1984, 1985, 1986, 1990, 19935
    Havlicek, John1984, 1985, 1986, 19884
    Greer, Hal19841
    Green, Johnny1987, 19882
    Goodrich, Gail1986, 19882
    Gola, Tom19861
    Gilmore, Artis1991, 1992, 19933
    Gervin, George1991, 1992, 19933
    Garfinkle, Jack19571
    Gallatin, Harry1964, 19872
    Frazier, Walt1985, 19872
    Ford, Phil19911
    Fleishman, Jerry19571
    Dischinger, Terry19871
    DeBusschere, Dave1984, 1985, 1990, 19914
    Davies, Bob1957, 1964, 19853
    Daniels, Mel19851
    Cowens, Dave1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 19938
    Cousy, Bob1964, 1985, 1986, 19874
    Collins, Doug1988, 1990, 19923
    Coleman, Jack19641
    Closs, Bill19571
    Clifton, Nat19641
    Clark, Archie19901
    Chenier, Phil19911
    Chaney, Don19891
    Cervi, Al1957, 19642
    Carr, M.L.19931
    Carr, Austin19931
    Calverley, Ernie19571
    Burleson, Tom19911
    Brown, Roger19851
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