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    • The first 5 editions consisted on games played between two teams of rookies.
    • After the lockout season in 1999, the game changed to the current Rookie Challenge.
      After 12 editions, Sophomores dominated the series 8-4 games.
    • Since 2012 rookies and sophomores were mixed into two teams selected by TNT analysts (Charles Barkley-Shaquille O’Neal two times, and Grant Hill-Chris Webber).
    • In 2015 debuted a new format: Team USA vs Team World. Team World dominates the series 3-2 games, with the last victory going to the Team USA which won 161-144.

    2019Team USA 161 – Team World 144Charlotte, NC
    2018Team USA 124 – Team World 155Los Angeles, CA
    2017Team USA 141 – Team World 150New Orleans, LA
    2016Team USA 157 – Team World 154Toronto
    2015Team USA 112 – Team World 121Brooklyn, NY
    2014Team Hill 142 – Team Webber 136New Orleans, LA
    2013Team Shaq 135 – Team Chuck 163Houston, TX
    2012Team Shaq 133 – Team Chuck 148Orlando, FL
    2011Rookies 148 – Sophomores 140Los Angeles, CA
    2010Rookies 140 – Sophomores 128Dallas, TX
    2009Rookies 116 – Sophomores 122Phoenix, AZ
    2008Rookies 109 – Sophomores 136New Orleans, LA
    2007Rookies 114 – Sophomores 155Las Vegas, NV
    2006Rookies 96 – Sophomores 106Houston, TX
    2005Rookies 106 – Sophomores 133Denver, CO
    2004Rookies 118 – Sophomores 142Los Angeles, CA
    2003Rookies 112 – Sophomores 132Atlanta, GA
    2002Rookies 103 – Sophomores 97Philadelphia, PA
    2001Rookies 113 – Sophomores 121Washington, DC
    2000Rookies 92 – Sophomores 83 (OT)Oakland, CA
    1998East 85 – West 80New York City, NY
    1997East 96 – West 91Cleveland, OH
    1996East 94 – West 92San Antonio, TX
    1995White 83 – Green 79 (OT)Phoenix, AZ
    1994Phenoms 74 – Sensations 68Minneapolis, MN

    The beginning of the Rookie Game
    • When the NBA decided to no longer feature the All-Star Legends Game as part of the All-Star Event after the 1993 edition, the NBA All-Star Weekend has seen some pretty significant changes.
    • One of the main elements was the introduction of the Rookies Game in 1994. Since then, the NBA Rookie Challenge takes place as part of the annual NBA All-Star Weekend. In the following years, the competition was subject to various changes.
    • The Rookies Game was similar to the All-Star Game, but from 1994 to 1998 only rookie players, i.e., players in their first NBA year, played against each other. In the first two editions, the teams had their own names (Sensations, Phenoms, Green, White). In 1996 the names changed to the traditional East vs West pattern.
    Rookies and Sophomores
    • Starting in 2000, the Rookies Game changed to the Rookie Challenge. The idea was to give the 1999 rookies a second chance. In the lock-out season in 1999, the All-Star Weekend was canceled and the rookies missed their chance to play.
    • From 2000 to 2011, the best rookies and sophomores played against each other. The Sophomores won eight times, the league newcomers four.
    The NBA Rising Stars Challenge
    • In 2012, the NBA changed the event again and introduced the Rising Stars Challenge taking place the first time during the NBA All-Star Weekend in Orlando.
    • TNT analysts Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal put together two mixed teams out of a pool of ten rookies and ten sophomores, each was chosen by the assistant coaches of the NBA clubs. For the first time, the young players could be in the same team.
    • Team Chuck won the first two editions of the NBA Rising Stars Challenge and Team Hill (selected by Grant Hill) the third edition. In 2014, Chris Webber and Grant Hill were in charge of putting together the teams.
    • With the last Rookie Challenge format, the Sophomores (second year players) dominate the Rookies by a 8-4 margin. Check the full results for more details.
    Team World vs Team USA
    • Since 2015, a match between a selection of American players and a world selection is played as the Rising Stars Challenge. Both teams are composed of rookies and sophomores.
    • Team World dominates the standings with 3-1. Only in 2016 the Team USA won 157 – 154. The 2018 edition was a clear victory for the Team World with 155 – 124 for Team World.
    • Rosters of the Rookie Events are smaller than the All-Star Game teams (10 players) and the length of the game is shorter too, with two 20-minutes half times.

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