• Since 1975 the NBA All-Star selections have been left to the fans who vote to determine the starting fives. Until 1974 the starters teams and three bench players were chosen by sport writers and sport casters.
    • The following list includes the Top Vote Getter per NBA All-Star Edition since 1975.  In 2009, Dwight Howard was the only player to surpass 3 million votes. With the high voting results in 2019, LeBron James got more than 4.5 million fan votes.
    • There is no doubt who the most popular player of all-times is, but check it out by yourself.

    2019LeBron JamesLAL4,620,809
    2018LeBron JamesCLE2,638,294Yes
    2017LeBron JamesCLE1,893,751No
    2016Kobe BryantLAL1,891,614No
    2015Stephen CurryGS1,513,324No
    2014LeBron JamesMIA1,416,419No
    2013Kobe BryantLAL1,591,437No
    2012Dwight HowardORL1,600,390No
    2011Kobe BryantLAL2,380,016Yes
    2010LeBron JamesCLE2,549,693No
    2009Dwight HowardORL3,150,181No
    2008Kevin GarnettBOS2,399,148No
    2007LeBron JamesCLE2,516,049No
    2006Yao MingHOU2,342,738No
    2005Yao MingHOU2,558,578No
    2004Vince CarterTOR2,127,183No
    2003Kobe BryantLAL1,474,386No
    2002Vince CarterTOR1,470,176No
    2001Vince CarterTOR1,717,687No
    2000Vince CarterTOR1,911,973No
    1999NBA lockout
    1998Michael JordanCHI1,028,235Yes
    1997Michael JordanCHI2,451,136No
    1996Grant HillDET1,358,004No
    1995Grant HillDET1,289,585No
    1994Charles BarkleyPHO794,936No
    1993Michael JordanCHI1,035,824No
    1992Michael JordanCHI1,049,573No
    1991Michael JordanCHI1,217,429No
    1990Michael JordanCHI321,114No
    1989Michael JordanCHI1,003,062No
    1988Michael JordanCHI1,121,285Yes
    1987Michael JordanCHI1,141,733No
    1986Earvin "Magic" JohnsonLAL1,060,892No
    1985Earvin "Magic" JohnsonLAL957,447No
    1984Moses MalonePHI927,779No
    1983Julius ErvingPHI707,012Yes
    1982Julius ErvingPHI432,230No
    1981Julius ErvingPHI304,600No
    1980George GervinSAN286,463Yes
    1979George GervinSAN427,540No
    1978Julius ErvingPHI396,503No
    1977David ThompsonDEN319,047No
    1976Rick BarryGS135,471No
    1975Bob McAdooBUF98,325No