• NBA All-Star voting results significantly increased over the years. The following list includes the all-time top 25 single season voting records.
    • Michael Jordan is the only player from before 2000 in the Top 25 list of the single season voting results. He received 2,451,136 votes in 1997 and is still on #15 in the list. A clear demonstration of Michael Jordan’s popularity.
    • There is no other player from the last millenium on the list and there is a gap of 8 years between Michael Jordan and the next players on the list.

    1Dwight HowardORL20093,150,181
    2Lebron JamesCLE20092,940,823
    3Kobe BryantLAL20092,805,397
    4Dwyane WadeMIA20092,741,413
    5Lebron JamesCLE20182,638,294
    6Tim DuncanSAN20092,578,168
    7Yao MingHOU20052,558,578
    8Lebron JamesCLE20102,549,693
    9Yao MingHOU20092,532,958
    10Giannis AntetokounmpoMIL20182,530,211
    11Lebron JamesCLE20072,516,049
    12Shaquille O'NealMIA20052,488,089
    13Kobe BryantLAL20102,456,224
    14Yao MingHOU20072,451,718
    15Michael JordanCHI19972,451,136
    16Kevin GarnettBOS20082,399,148
    17Kobe BryantLAL20112,380,016
    18Stephen CurryGS20182,379,494
    19Dwight HowardORL20102,360,096
    20Yao MingHOU20062,342,738
    21Dwyane WadeMIA20102,327,550
    22Kobe BryantLAL20062,271,631
    23Kevin DurantGS20182,238,406
    24Lebron JamesCLE20062,207,697
    25Shaquille O'NealMIA20062,192,542