NBA players with the most rebounds per game, season, and career that got snubbed. Status per December 2018.

    • Players who caught at least 1,000 rebounds in any season, but did not play in any NBA All-Star Game.
    • Most of them achieved this feat at least two times. Walt Bellamy with 5 seasons without NBA All-Star Game and Dennis Rodman with 4 are the leaders.
    Nate Thurmond1968-6927SFW1,40219.7
    Dennis Rodman1992-9331DET1,13218.3
    Dennis Rodman1993-9432SAS1,36717.3
    Wes Unseld1969-7023BAL1,37016.7
    Nate Thurmond1971-7230GSW1,25216.1
    Walt Bellamy1965-6626TOT1,25415.7
    DeAndre Jordan2017-1829LAC1,17115.2
    Elmore Smith1971-7222BUF1,18415.2
    Bill Bridges1970-7131ATL1,23315
    Dave Cowens1970-7122BOS1,21615
    DeAndre Jordan2014-1526LAC1,22615
    Swen Nater1979-8030SDC1,21615
    Dennis Rodman1997-9836CHI1,20115
    Red Kerr1961-6229SYR1,17614.7
    Clyde Lee1971-7227GSW1,13214.5
    Bill Bridges1968-6929ATL1,13214.2
    Hassan Whiteside2016-1727MIA1,08814.1
    Tom Boerwinkle1970-7125CHI1,13313.8
    Andre Drummond2016-1723DET1,11513.8
    DeAndre Jordan2015-1627LAC1,05913.8
    Nate Thurmond1970-7129SFW1,12813.8
    Ray Scott1967-6829BAL1,11113.7
    Gus Johnson1963-6425BAL1,06413.6
    DeAndre Jordan2013-1425LAC1,11413.6
    Walt Bellamy1966-6727NYK1,06413.5
    Bill Bridges1971-7232TOT1,05113.5
    Andre Drummond2014-1521DET1,10413.5
    Happy Hairston1973-7431LAL1,04013.5
    Ray Scott1963-6425DET1,07813.5
    Sam Lacey1973-7425KCO1,05513.4
    Wes Unseld1975-7629WSB1,03613.3
    Wes Unseld1979-8033WSB1,09413.3
    Andre Drummond2013-1420DET1,07113.2
    Swen Nater1977-7828BUF1,02913.2
    Ben Wallace2000-0126DET1,05213.2
    Marcus Camby2007-0833DEN1,03713.1
    Happy Hairston1971-7229LAL1,04513.1
    Bill Laimbeer1985-8628DET1,07513.1
    Jerry Lucas1971-7231NYK1,01113.1
    Moses Malone1976-7721TOT1,07213.1
    Charles Oakley1986-8723CHI1,07413.1
    Artis Gilmore1976-7727CHI1,07013
    Dikembe Mutombo1992-9326DEN1,07013
    Charles Oakley1987-8824CHI1,06613
    Paul Silas1972-7329BOS1,03913
    Ben Wallace2001-0227DET1,03913
    Walt Bellamy1970-7131ATL1,06012.9
    Kevin Willis1992-9330ATL1,02812.9
    Charles Barkley1985-8622PHI1,02612.8
    Walt Bellamy1971-7232ATL1,04912.8
    Rudy Gobert2016-1724UTA1,03512.8
    Rich Kelley1978-7925NOJ1,02612.8
    Red Kerr1963-6431PHI1,01712.7
    Paul Silas1975-7632BOS1,02512.7
    Sam Lacey1975-7627KCK1,02412.6
    Marvin Webster1977-7825SEA1,03512.6
    Walt Bellamy1968-6929TOT1,10112.5
    Tom Boerwinkle1969-7024CHI1,01612.5
    Dwight Howard2005-0620ORL1,02212.5
    Dwight Howard2017-1832CHO1,01212.5
    Dennis Rodman1990-9129DET1,02612.5
    Paul Silas1970-7127PHO1,01512.5
    Buck Williams1986-8726NJN1,02312.5
    Swen Nater1980-8131SDC1,01712.4
    Neal Walk1972-7324PHO1,00612.4
    Karl-Anthony Towns2016-1721MIN1,00712.3
    Buck Williams1984-8524NJN1,00512.3
    Buck Williams1983-8423NJN1,00012.3
    • Players who have caught more than 7,000 rebounds in their NBA careers, but did not play in any NBA All-Star Game.
    • Some of these players also appear in the “most rebounds per game without NBA All-Star Game” list.
    Marcus Camby19972013TOT9,513
    Leroy Ellis19631976TOT8,709
    Michael Cage19852000TOT8,646
    P.J. Brown19942008TOT8,409
    Larry Smith19811993TOT8,125
    Lamar Odom20002013TOT8,059
    Happy Hairston19651975TOT8,019
    Al Jefferson20052018TOT7,690
    Sam Perkins19852001TOT7,666
    Caldwell Jones19771990TOT7,663
    Kurt Thomas19962013TOT7,328
    Ray Scott19621970TOT7,154
    Olden Polynice19882004TOT7,110
    Erick Dampier19972012TOT7,005
    • Players who averaged more than 13 rebounds per game in any season, but did not play in any NBA All-Star Game.
    • Nate Thurmond tops the list with almost 20 rebounds per game in 1968-1969. In second place appears Bill Russell, who missed the NBA All-Star Game in his rookie season because he started to play late in December because he was playing in the Olympics (Melbourne 1956).
    • There are a lot of players with multiple appearances on this list, but Dennis Rodman with 6 seasons (all of them in the Top 16) clearly stands out.
    • Four players are shown 3 times on the list: Walt BellamyBill BridgesDeAndre JordanNate Thurmond and Wes Unseld.
    • There are another eight players with 2 presences.
    Nate Thurmond1968-6927SFW19.7
    Bill Russell1956-5722BOS19.6
    Dennis Rodman1992-9331DET18.3
    Dennis Rodman1993-9432SAS17.3
    Dennis Rodman1994-9533SAS16.8
    Wes Unseld1969-7023BAL16.7
    Dennis Rodman1996-9735CHI16.1
    Nate Thurmond1971-7230GSW16.1
    Andre Drummond2018-1925DET15.9
    Walt Bellamy1965-6626TOT15.7
    DeAndre Jordan2017-1829LAC15.2
    Elmore Smith1971-7222BUF15.2
    Bill Bridges1970-7131ATL15
    Dave Cowens1970-7122BOS15
    DeAndre Jordan2014-1526LAC15
    Swen Nater1979-8030SDC15
    Dennis Rodman1997-9836CHI15
    Dennis Rodman1995-9634CHI14.9
    Red Kerr1961-6229SYR14.7
    Clyde Lee1971-7227GSW14.5
    Bill Bridges1968-6929ATL14.2
    Hassan Whiteside2016-1727MIA14.1
    Hassan Whiteside2018-1929MIA13.9
    Tom Boerwinkle1970-7125CHI13.8
    Andre Drummond2016-1723DET13.8
    DeAndre Jordan2015-1627LAC13.8
    Clyde Lee1968-6924SFW13.8
    Nate Thurmond1970-7129SFW13.8
    DeAndre Jordan2018-1930DAL13.7
    Ray Scott1967-6829BAL13.7
    Kenny Sears1959-6026NYK13.7
    Gus Johnson1963-6425BAL13.6
    DeAndre Jordan2013-1425LAC13.6
    Walt Bellamy1966-6727NYK13.5
    Bill Bridges1971-7232TOT13.5
    Andre Drummond2014-1521DET13.5
    Happy Hairston1973-7431LAL13.5
    Ray Scott1963-6425DET13.5
    Joel Embiid2018-1924PHI13.4
    Red Kerr1957-5825SYR13.4
    Sam Lacey1973-7425KCO13.4
    Walter Dukes1957-5827DET13.3
    Walter Dukes1958-5928DET13.3
    Mel Hutchins1951-5223MLH13.3
    Wes Unseld1975-7629WSB13.3
    Wes Unseld1979-8033WSB13.3
    Giannis Antetokounmpo2018-1924MIL13.2
    Andre Drummond2013-1420DET13.2
    Swen Nater1977-7828BUF13.2
    Ben Wallace2000-0126DET13.2
    Marcus Camby2007-0833DEN13.1
    Happy Hairston1971-7229LAL13.1
    Bill Laimbeer1985-8628DET13.1
    Jerry Lucas1971-7231NYK13.1
    Moses Malone1976-7721TOT13.1
    Charles Oakley1986-8723CHI13.1
    Walt Bellamy1972-7333ATL13
    Michael Cage1987-8826LAC13
    Anthony Davis2018-1925NOP13
    Artis Gilmore1976-7727CHI13
    Dikembe Mutombo1992-9326DEN13
    Charles Oakley1987-8824CHI13
    • Players who averaged/are averaging more than 8 rebounds per game, have grabbed at least 2500 rebounds, but did not play in any NBA All-Star Game.
    • Andrew Bogut (2005) and Chuck Share (1950) are the only former #1 draft picks on this list.
    • Swen Nater played 2 ABA All-Star Games in 1974 and 1975 before entering the NBA.
    Hassan Whiteside2011201911.6
    Swen Nater1977198410.8
    Elmore Smith1972197910.6
    Ray Scott1962197010.5
    Happy Hairston1965197510.3
    Rudy Gobert2014201910.2
    Roy Tarpley1987199510
    Nikola Vucevic201220199.9
    Marcus Camby199720139.8
    Emeka Okafor200520189.7
    Rony Seikaly198919999.5
    Larry Smith198119939.2
    Tom Boerwinkle196919789
    Clifford Ray197219818.9
    Curtis Perry197119788.8
    Andrew Bogut200620188.7
    Tristan Thompson201220198.6
    Jim Washington196619768.6
    Greg Monroe201120198.5
    Al Jefferson200520188.4
    Lamar Odom200020138.4
    Chuck Share195219608.4
    Jonas Valanciunas201320198.4
    Jim Chones197519828.3
    Leroy Ellis196319768.3
    Rick Roberson197019768.3
    Cliff Robinson198019928.3
    Otto Moore196919778.2
    Kenneth Faried201220198.1
    Joe Graboski194919628.1
    Zaid Abdul-Aziz196919788
    Marcin Gortat200820198