• 62 coaches have participated in the All-Star Game, including the two 2019 edition coaches.
  • Michael Malone (Denver Nuggets) became a first-time All-Star coach (Western Conference) in the 2019 game for Team Lebron. The West won the game giving Malone a 1-0 All-Star record. Team Giannis was coached by Mike Budenholzer (Milwaukie Bucks). The loss put his All-Star record at 0-2. It was the first time since the 2008 game that both All-Star coaches did not have a playoff run the year before.
  • The coaches for both teams were determined by the best record through games played on Feb. 3: two weeks before the game was played. Each All-Star Game coach led the team that included the captain from the same conference.
  • Mike D’Antoni (Houston) and Dwane Casey (Raptors) coached the 2018 NBA All-Star Game, so they were ineligible for the honor in 2019
  • Red Auerbach coached in 11 editions with 7 wins. Pat Riley lost in the NBA All-Star Game 6 times out of 9 games. George Karl lost 4 out of 4 NBA All-Star Games as coach of the Western Conference Team.
  • Billy Cunningham (76ers) went 4-0 in his All-Star coaching career and is the winningest coach to-date for the Sixers.

7 Coaches have at least coached one Eastern and Western NBA All-Star Team:

Name Name
Larry Brown
Flip Saunders Phil Jackson
Alex Hannum Pat Riley
Byron Scott Lenny Wilkens


9 coaches were named for the All-Star Game in their first season as an NBA coach. What a great honor for the ‘Rookie’ coaches:

Name Year Name Year
Chris Ford 1991 Charles Eckman 1955
Paul Westphal 1993 George Senesky 1956
Larry Bird 1998 Ed Macauley 1959
Steve Kerr 2015 Billy Cunningham 1978


17 players later coached and NBA All-Star Game Team:

Name Name Name
Tom Heinsohn Gene Shue
Richie Guerin Bill Sharman Lenny Wilkens
Billy Cunningham Paul Seymour Paul Westphal
Larry Costello Fred Schaus Bobby Wanzer
Doug Collins Glenn Doc Rivers Rudy Tomjanovich
Larry Bird Ed Macauley Isiah Thomas

First Last Birthday Nat. Year Team G W L W%