• 62 coaches have participated in the All-Star Game, including the two 2019 edition coaches.
    • Michael Malone (Denver Nuggets) became a first-time All-Star coach (Western Conference) in the 2019 game for Team Lebron. The West won the game giving Malone a 1-0 All-Star record. Team Giannis was coached by Mike Budenholzer (Milwaukie Bucks). The loss put his All-Star record at 0-2. It was the first time since the 2008 game that both All-Star coaches did not have a playoff run the year before.
    • The coaches for both teams were determined by the best record through games played on Feb. 3: two weeks before the game was played. Each All-Star Game coach led the team that included the captain from the same conference.
    • Mike D’Antoni (Houston) and Dwane Casey (Raptors) coached the 2018 NBA All-Star Game, so they were ineligible for the honor in 2019
    • Red Auerbach coached in 11 editions with 7 wins. Pat Riley lost in the NBA All-Star Game 6 times out of 9 games. George Karl lost 4 out of 4 NBA All-Star Games as coach of the Western Conference Team.
    • Billy Cunningham (76ers) went 4-0 in his All-Star coaching career and is the winningest coach to-date for the Sixers.

    7 Coaches have at least coached one Eastern and Western NBA All-Star Team:

    Larry Brown
    Flip SaundersPhil Jackson
    Alex HannumPat Riley
    Byron ScottLenny Wilkens


    9 coaches were named for the All-Star Game in their first season as an NBA coach. What a great honor for the ‘Rookie’ coaches:

    Chris Ford1991Charles Eckman1955
    Paul Westphal1993George Senesky1956
    Larry Bird1998Ed Macauley1959
    Steve Kerr2015Billy Cunningham1978


    17 players later coached and NBA All-Star Game Team:

    Tom HeinsohnGene Shue
    Richie GuerinBill SharmanLenny Wilkens
    Billy CunninghamPaul SeymourPaul Westphal
    Larry CostelloFred SchausBobby Wanzer
    Doug CollinsGlenn Doc RiversRudy Tomjanovich
    Larry BirdEd MacauleyIsiah Thomas