• With the new rules since 2014 (money ball rack), players can make up to 34 points instead of 30 points.
    Most points (any round)
    YearPlayerScore  Round
    2018Devin Booker*28 (24)Final
    2016Klay Thompson*27 (23)Final
    2015Stephen Curry*27 (23)Final
    2018Klay Thompson*25 (21)Final
    2017Eric Gordon*25 (22)1st Round
    2008Jason Kapono25Final
    1986Craig Hodges251st Round
    1991Craig Hodges24Semifinals
    1994Mark Price24Final
    1998Hubert Davis24Semifinals
    2007Jason Kapono24Final
    2015Klay Thompson*24 (22)1st Round
    2014Marco Belinelli*24 (22)Final Tiebreaker
    * Scores in brackets based on old rules
    Most Points (Final)
    2018Devin Booker*28
    2016Klay Thompson*27
    2015Stephen Curry*27
    2018Klay Thompson*25
    2008Jason Kapono25
    1994Mark Price24
    2007Jason Kapono24
    2014Marco Belinelli*24
    2013Kyrie Irving23
    1986Larry Bird22
    1997Steve Kerr22
    1996Tim Legler20
    2010Paul Pierce20
    2011James Jones20
    Most Points (Semifinal) (from 1986 until 1998)
    1998Hubert Davis24
    1991Craig Hodges24
    1988Larry Bird23
    1996Tim Legler22
    1997Steve Kerr21
    1994Mark Price21
    1993Mark Price21
    Most Points (First Round)
    2017Eric Gordon25
    1986Craig Hodges25
    2015Klay Thompson*24
    2015Kyrie Irving*23
    2015Stephen Curry*23
    2007Gilbert Arenas23
    1996Tim Legler23
    2016Klay Thompson *22
    2015Wesley Matthews*22
    2012James Jones22
    2002Wesley Person21
    2004Peja Stojakovic21
    2005Voshon Lenard21
    2016Stephen Curry *21
    Most Consecutive Shots Made
    1991Craig Hodges19
    2015Stephen Curry13
    1986Larry Bird11
    1996Hubert Davis11
    2016Stephen Curry11
    2008Jason Kapono10
    2013Kyrie Irving10
    2011Ray Allen10
    2018Wayne Ellington9
    2018Tobias Harris9
    1991Dennis Scott9
    1994Mark Price9
    1997Steve Kerr9
    2005Quentin Richardson9
    Highest Combined 3-Round Scores (from 1986 until 1998)
    1996Tim Legler65
    1991Craig Hodges61
    1994Mark Price60
    1997Steve Kerr58
    1993Mark Price58
    Highest Combined 2-Round Scores (since 2000)
    2015Stephen Curry*50
    2018Devin Booker*47
    2017Eric Gordon*45
    2008Jason Kapono45
    2018Klay Thompson44
    2007Jason Kapono43
    2013Kyrie Irving41
    2017Kyrie Irving*40
    2007Gilbert Arenas40
    2002Peja Stojakovic40
    Least Points (any round)
    YearPlayerScore  Round
    1988Detlef Schrempf5Semifinal
    1990Michael Jordan51st Round
    2005Vladimir Radmanovic61st Round
    2011Kevin Durant61st Round
    1992Jeff Hornacek71st Round
    2003Antoine Walker71st Round
    2011Daniel Gibson71st Round
    Least Points (Final)
    2007Dirk Nowitzki9
    2001Dirk Nowitzki10
    2000Ray Allen10
    1998Hubert Davis10

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