NBA players with the most assists per game, season, and career that got snubbed. Status per December 2018

    • Players who dished more than 800 assists in some NBA seasons, but did not play in the NBA All-Star Game.
    • There are players on the list who have accomplished this feat more than once.
    John Stockton1987-88UTA1,12813.8
    Kevin Porter1978-79DET1,09913.4
    Kevin Johnson1988-89PHO99112.2
    Rajon Rondo2015-16SAC83911.7
    Mark Jackson1996-97TOT93511.4
    Steve Nash2010-11PHO85511.4
    Norm Nixon1983-84SDC91411.1
    Andre Miller2001-02CLE88210.9
    Muggsy Bogues1989-90CHH86710.7
    Kevin Johnson1991-92PHO83610.7
    Mark Jackson1987-88NYK86810.6
    Rod Strickland1997-98WAS80110.5
    Deron Williams2007-08UTA86210.5
    Kevin Porter1977-78TOT83710.2
    Terry Porter1987-88POR83110.1
    Norm Van Lier1970-71CIN83210.1
    Johnny Moore1984-85SAS81610
    Doc Rivers1986-87ATL82310
    • Players who have dished more than 4,000 assists in their NBA careers, but did not play in any NBA All-Star Game.
    • Some these players also appear in the “most assists per game" without NBA All-Star Game list.
    • There are also active players on the list that still play in the NBA, but it seems to be difficult that any of them would play in a future NBA All-Star Game.
    Jason Terry200020185,415
    Andre Miller200020168,524
    Derek Harper198419996,577
    Rod Strickland198920057,987
    Mike Bibby199920125,517
    Mike Conley200820194,220
    David Wesley199420074,159
    Jamal Crawford200120194,372
    Jose Calderon200620195,052
    Avery Johnson198920045,846
    Damon Stoudamire199620085,371
    Muggsy Bogues198820016,726
    John Lucas197719906,454
    Brad Davis197819924,709
    Kirk Hinrich200420164,245
    Vern Fleming198519964,293
    Nate McMillan198719984,893
    Kenny Smith198819974,073
    Jay Humphries198519954,339
    Eric Snow199620084,245
    Spud Webb198619984,342
    Raymond Felton200620195,067
    Jason Williams199920114,611
    Kevin Porter197319835,314
    Sherman Douglas199020014,536
    Brevin Knight199820094,481
    Rory Sparrow198119924,192
    Pooh Richardson199019994,180
    • Players who averaged more than 10 assists per game in a season, but did not play in the NBA All-Star Game.
    • Some of the players appear multiple times on the list.
    John Stockton1987-8825UTA13.8
    Kevin Porter1978-7928DET13.4
    Kevin Johnson1988-8922PHO12.2
    Rajon Rondo2015-1629SAC11.7
    Mark Jackson1996-9731TOT11.4
    Steve Nash2010-1136PHO11.4
    Norm Nixon1983-8428SDC11.1
    Andre Miller2001-0225CLE10.9
    Jason Kidd1998-9925PHO10.8
    Muggsy Bogues1989-9025CHH10.7
    Kevin Johnson1991-9225PHO10.7
    John Lucas1983-8430SAS10.7
    Deron Williams2008-0924UTA10.7
    Mark Jackson1987-8822NYK10.6
    Michael Adams1990-9128DEN10.5
    Rod Strickland1997-9831WAS10.5
    Deron Williams2007-0823UTA10.5
    Kevin Porter1977-7827TOT10.2
    Muggsy Bogues1993-9429CHH10.1
    Kyle Lowry2018-1932TOR10.1
    Terry Porter1987-8824POR10.1
    Norm Van Lier1970-7123CIN10.1
    Gary Grant1989-9024LAC10
    Doc Rivers1986-8725ATL10
    • Players who averaged/are averaging more than 6 assists per game, have delivered at least 2,500 assists, but did not play in any NBA All-Star Game.
    • Ricky Rubio on the list is still active in the NBA and we would not expect him to play in a future NBA All-Star Game. 
    Kevin Porter197319835,3148.1
    Ricky Rubio201220193,5677.8
    Muggsy Bogues198820016,7267.6
    Johnny Moore198119903,8667.4
    Rod Strickland198920057,9877.3
    John Lucas197719906,4547
    Andre Miller200020168,5246.5
    Pooh Richardson199019994,1806.5
    Scott Skiles198719963,8816.5
    Phil Ford197919853,0836.4
    Brevin Knight199820094,4816.1
    Nate McMillan198719984,8936.1
    Damon Stoudamire199620085,3716.1
    Jamaal Tinsley200220143,3306.1
    Slick Watts197419792,6786.1
    John Bagley198319943,9806
    Ty Lawson201020173,3166