WEST 110 – EAST 111

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    • An exciting last quarter led by Allen Iverson, a battle between Kobe Bryant and Stephon Marbury in the last minute, and Kobe in the last play passing the ball to Tim Duncan, when everybody was expecting a shot.
    • The East team celebrated the victory like a Finals Game.
    • The East team demonstrated to the world that the difference in quality between conferences is smaller than most of the people thought.
    • But East showed their heart in the last quarter (Iverson 15 points in the last 9 minutes, and Marbury two 3 pointers in the last minute) and overcame the difference that allowed the West team to win 95-74 after 39 minutes of play.
    • The game had started with an 11-0 score, led by the inside game of the West (Duncan, Webber, Garnett) and the first quarter finished with 30-17 and 10 turnovers for the East.
    • In the second quarter Vince Carter made a 360 (this dunk was better than the others made in the Slam Dunk contest the day before) and Ray Allen scored easily.
    • The first half finished 61-50 with a huge 3 pointer by Jason Kidd.
    • Dikembe Mutombo with 22 rebounds was one of the key factors in the East win.
    • MVP: Allen Iverson (East)

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