• Dwight Howard is the first player in ballot history to exceed 3 million votes. Amare Stoudemire finally takes Carmelo Anthony place in the Western lineup, and Chris Paul finishes above T-Mac.
    • Mo Williams (Cle), Rashard Lewis (Orl) and David West (NO) played as reserves despite not being listed in the Top 10 voting results for their positions.
    • Since 1975, the NBA All-Star selections have been left to the fans who vote to determine the starting five for each team. NBA coaches complete the rosters.
    • Until 1974, the starters per team and three bench players were chosen by sport writers and sport casters.
    • Until 1973, each NBA team had to be represented with at least 1 player and a maximum of 3 players.

    Ballot 2009 Votes

    S=Starter R=Reserve
    Kobe Bryant LALS2,805,397
    Chris PaulNOS2,134,798
    Tracy McGradyHOU1,678,516
    Manu GinobiliSA1,642,350
    Tony ParkerSAR1,084,361
    Steve NashPHO677,211
    Jamal CrawfordGS665,038
    Rafer AlstonHOU550,199
    Jason KiddDAL477,792
    Brandon Roy PORR468,688
    Chauncey Billups DENR466,073
    Tim DuncanSAS2,578,168
    Amare Stoudemire PHOS1,460,429
    Bruce BowenSA1,392,398
    Ron ArtestHOU1,362,565
    Carmelo AnthonyDEN1,337,519
    Dirk Nowitzki DALR1,107,926
    Pau Gasol LALR948,301
    Shane BattierHOU694,112
    LaMarcus AldridgePOR497,550
    Luis ScolaHOU405,851
    Josh HowardDAL298,810
    Yao Ming HOUS2,532,958
    Shaquille O’Neal PHOR1,850,018
    Andrew BynumLAL549,131
    Mehmet OkurUTA437,106
    Greg OdenPOR359,318
    Andris BiedrinsGS357,984
    Al JeffersonMIN310,643
    Tyson ChandlerNO242,356
    Chris KamanLAC231,928
    Marcus CambyLAC158,491
    Nick CollisonOKC154,309
    Dwyane Wade MIAS2,741,413
    Allen Iverson DETS1,804,649
    Vince CarterNJ1,239,613
    Devin HarrisNJR1,182,406
    Luke RidnourMIL1,039,902
    Ray Allen BOSR851,205
    Gilbert ArenasWAS635,540
    Derrick RoseCHI474,384
    Jose CalderonTOR445,584
    Joe Johnson ATLR420,210
    Jameer NelsonORL354,773
    Lebron James CLES2,940,823
    Kevin Garnett BOSS2,066,833
    Yi JianlianNJ1,813,829
    Paul Pierce BOSR1,238,763
    Chris BoshTOR1,101,052
    Hedo TurkogluORL632,051
    Shawn MarionMIA405,573
    Danny Granger INDR365,810
    Josh SmithATL321,129
    Tayshaun PrinceDET274,540
    Michael BeasleyMIA273,471
    Dwight Howard ORLS3,150,181
    Kendrick PerkinsBOS621,709
    Rasheed WallaceDET402,991
    Samuel DalembertPHI396,119
    Andrew BogutMIL357,997
    Jermaine O’NealTOR342,723
    Al HorfordATL323,302
    Brendan HaywoodWAS291,490
    Ben WallaceCLE263,862
    Zydrunas IlgauskasCLE219,697
    Emeka OkaforCHA212,539

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