WEST 140 – EAST 129

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    • West made its first victory in the 80’s in front of 43,146 spectators in Indianapolis, breaking the East run (5-0 in past five editions).
    • There were three key players in the West: Ralph Sampson, who got the MVP with 24 points and 10 rebounds (10-15 FG), George Gervin with 23 points (10-12 FG) and Magic Johnson with 21 points and 15 assists.
    • The best players in the East were Isiah Thomas with 22 points and Larry Bird with 21.
    • The match was tied in the halftime, but West could win because of a 29-24 and a 43-37 in the last two quarters.
    • Nuggets player Alex English convinced fellow NBA players to donate their shares from the All-Star Game (an aggregate of more than $100,000) to Interaction Ethiopia, a relief fund assisting with efforts in famine stricken Ethiopia.
    • MVP: Ralph Sampson (West)

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