• Player record lists per NBA All-Star Game. The list currently includes the following records per player:
      • Most Points in an NBA All-Star Game
      • Most Field Goals and Field Goal Attempts in an NBA All-Star Game
      • Most Three Pointers and Three Point Attempts in an NBA All-Star Game
      • Most Free Throws and Free Throw Attempts in an NBA All-Star Game
      • Most Rebounds (offensive, defensive and total) in an NBA All-Star Game
      • Most Steals in an NBA All-Star Game
      • Most Blocks in an NBA All-Star Game
      • Most Turnovers in an NBA All-Star Game
      • Most Personal Fouls in an NBA All-Star Game
    • More per game records will be added (e.g. most and least minutes, etc.).
    • All stats and records are updated until the 2018 edition.

    Points Record

    Anthony Davis201752
    Wilt Chamberlain196242
    Russell Westbrook201541
    Paul George201641
    Russell Westbrook201741
    Michael Jordan198840
    Rick Barry196738
    Kevin Durant201438
    Blake Griffin201438
    Kevin Garnett200337
    Kobe Bryant201137
    Tracy McGrady200636
    Kevin Durant201236
    LeBron James201236
    Allen Iverson200335
    George Gervin198034
    Julius Erving198434
    Tom Chambers198734
    Kevin Durant201134
    Elgin Baylor196232
    Kobe Bryant200231
    Kobe Bryant200731
    Kyrie Irving201431
    Russell Westbrook201631
    Walt Frazier197530

    Field Goals Records

    Field Goals
    Anthony Davis201726
    Blake Griffin201419
    Wilt Chamberlain196217
    Michael Jordan198817
    Kevin Garnett200317
    Rick Barry196716
    Russell Westbrook201516
    Paul George201616
    Russell Westbrook201716
    Tracy McGrady200615
    LeBron James201215
    George Gervin198014
    Julius Erving198414
    Amar’e Stoudemire200714
    Kobe Bryant201114
    Kevin Durant201214
    Kyrie Irving201414
    Kevin Durant201414
    Giannis Antetokounmpo201714
    Bob Pettit196113
    Bob McAdoo197713
    Tom Chambers198713
    Michael Jordan198913
    Allen Iverson200313
    Kobe Bryant200713
    Field Goal Attempts
    Anthony Davis201739
    Russell Westbrook201528
    Rick Barry196727
    Michael Jordan200327
    Kevin Durant201427
    George Mikan195326
    George Gervin198026
    Tracy McGrady200626
    Kobe Bryant201126
    Paul George201626
    Russell Westbrook201726
    Tom Chambers198725
    Michael Jordan199125
    Kobe Bryant200225
    Kevin Durant201225
    Michael Jordan199324
    Glen Rice199724
    Kevin Garnett200324
    Kobe Bryant200724
    Kevin Durant201324
    Wilt Chamberlain196223
    Elgin Baylor196223
    Oscar Robertson196423
    Bob McAdoo197723
    Michael Jordan198823

    3-Points Records

    Paul George20169
    Carmelo Anthony20148
    James Harden20157
    Kyle Korver20157
    Russell Westbrook20167
    James Harden20167
    Russell Westbrook20177
    Mark Price19936
    LeBron James20126
    Kevin Durant20146
    Stephen Curry20166
    Kyrie Irving20176
    Scottie Pippen19945
    Ray Allen20055
    Ray Allen20085
    Chauncey Billups20105
    Russell Westbrook20155
    Kyle Lowry20175
    Stephen Curry20175
    Klay Thompson20185
    Magic Johnson19904
    Glen Rice19974
    Glen Rice19984
    Gary Payton20024
    Tracy McGrady20034
    3-Points Attempts
    Paul George201619
    Kevin Durant201417
    Russell Westbrook201617
    Carmelo Anthony201413
    Carmelo Anthony201513
    Stephen Curry201613
    Russell Westbrook201713
    James Harden201813
    LeBron James201512
    James Harden201512
    Kyle Korver201512
    Kyle Lowry201612
    James Harden201612
    Ray Allen200511
    Kevin Durant201111
    Stephen Curry201411
    Kyle Lowry201511
    Stephen Curry201711
    Stephen Curry201811
    Ray Allen200210
    LeBron James200610
    Tracy McGrady200610
    Stephen Curry201510
    Klay Thompson201610
    Isaiah Thomas201710

    Free Throws Records

    Free Throws
    Elgin Baylor196212
    Oscar Robertson196512
    Bob Pettit196311
    Wilt Chamberlain196411
    Gus Johnson196511
    Elgin Baylor196911
    Rolando Blackman198711
    Zelmo Beaty196610
    Walt Frazier197510
    Julius Erving197810
    George Gervin197910
    Ed Macauley19529
    Bob Pettit19599
    Elgin Baylor19619
    Elgin Baylor19639
    Earl Monroe19699
    Julius Erving19799
    Dennis Johnson19819
    Magic Johnson19889
    Michael Jordan19939
    Tim Hardaway19939
    David Robinson19989
    LeBron James20119
    Paul Arizin19528
    George Mikan19528
    Free Throw Attempts
    Wilt Chamberlain196216
    Wilt Chamberlain196115
    Elgin Baylor196214
    Oscar Robertson196214
    Wilt Chamberlain196414
    Elgin Baylor196313
    Oscar Robertson196513
    Gus Johnson196513
    Zelmo Beaty196613
    Rolando Blackman198713
    Michael Jordan199313
    Bob Pettit196312
    Earl Monroe196912
    Elgin Baylor196912
    Elvin Hayes197012
    Jerry West197012
    Julius Erving197812
    Julius Erving197912
    Moses Malone198012
    Tim Hardaway199312
    David Robinson199312
    Neil Johnston195611
    Elgin Baylor196411
    John Havlicek196811
    Walt Frazier197511

    Rebounds Records

    Offensive Rebounds
    Kobe Bryant201110
    Dan Roundfield19809
    Hakeem Olajuwon19909
    Dave Cowens19768
    Charles Barkley19918
    Moses Malone19877
    Hakeem Olajuwon19887
    Dennis Rodman19927
    Vin Baker19977
    Eddie Jones19987
    Tim Duncan20007
    Antonio Davis20017
    Dwight Howard20077
    Dave Cowens19746
    Dave Cowens19786
    Maurice Lucas19786
    Julius Erving19796
    Moses Malone19806
    Robert Parish19816
    James Worthy19876
    Clyde Drexler19896
    Horace Grant19946
    Shawn Kemp19946
    Dikembe Mutombo19966
    David Robinson19966
    Defensive Rebounds
    Dikembe Mutombo200119
    Charles Barkley199114
    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar197613
    Larry Bird198212
    Elvin Hayes197411
    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar198011
    Robert Parish198411
    Moses Malone198711
    Scottie Pippen199411
    Tim Duncan200211
    Tim Duncan200411
    Larry Bird198310
    Tim Duncan199810
    Tim Duncan200110
    Tim Duncan200310
    Shaquille O’Neal200310
    LeBron James201110
    LeBron James201810
    Spencer Haywood19749
    Elvin Hayes19799
    Buck Williams19829
    Hakeem Olajuwon19879
    Patrick Ewing19909
    Karl Malone19969
    Shawn Kemp19989
    Total Rebounds
    Bob Pettit196227
    Bob Pettit195826
    Wilt Chamberlain196025
    Bob Pettit195624
    Wilt Chamberlain196224
    Bill Russell196324
    Wilt Chamberlain196722
    Charles Barkley199122
    Dikembe Mutombo200122
    Bill Russell196421
    Wilt Chamberlain196420
    Dave Cowens197220
    Wilt Chamberlain196319
    Jerry Lucas196619
    Harry Gallatin195418
    Wilt Chamberlain196118
    Zelmo Beaty196618
    Nate Thurmond196718
    Moses Malone198718
    Walt Bellamy196217
    Bob Pettit196417
    George Mikan195316
    Maurice Stokes195616
    Bob Pettit195916
    Wilt Chamberlain196516

    Assists Record

    Magic Johnson198422
    Magic Johnson198819
    John Stockton198917
    Magic Johnson198316
    Chris Paul201616
    Isiah Thomas198415
    Magic Johnson198515
    Magic Johnson198615
    Isiah Thomas198815
    John Stockton199315
    Gary Payton199515
    Chris Paul201315
    Chris Paul201515
    Oscar Robertson196114
    Isiah Thomas198914
    Jason Kidd200014
    Chris Paul200814
    Chris Paul200914
    Kyrie Irving201414
    Kyrie Irving201714
    Bob Cousy195213
    Oscar Robertson196213
    Magic Johnson198713
    Gary Payton199813
    Steve Nash201013

    Steals Record

    Rick Barry19758
    Larry Bird19867
    Eddie Johnson19806
    Sidney Moncrief19836
    Dwyane Wade20076
    Kobe Bryant20076
    Fred Brown19765
    George McGinnis19795
    Magic Johnson19835
    Sidney Moncrief19845
    Isiah Thomas19865
    Michael Jordan19895
    John Stockton19895
    Michael Jordan19905
    Scottie Pippen19935
    Gary Payton19965
    Jason Kidd20015
    Allen Iverson20035
    Jason Kidd20035
    Kevin Garnett20035
    Kobe Bryant20045
    Allen Iverson20055
    Dwyane Wade20105
    Chris Paul20115
    Russell Westbrook20165

    Blocks Record

    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar19806
    Patrick Ewing19905
    Hakeem Olajuwon19945
    Elvin Hayes19804
    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar19814
    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar19834
    Kevin McHale19864
    Kevin McHale19874
    Michael Jordan19884
    Patrick Ewing19914
    Shaquille O’Neal19944
    Dikembe Mutombo19954
    Alonzo Mourning20004
    Jermaine O’Neal20034
    Dirk Nowitzki20054
    Spencer Haywood19743
    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar19763
    Jack Sikma19803
    George Gervin19823
    Hakeem Olajuwon19873
    David Robinson19913
    Shawn Kemp19943
    Shaquille O’Neal20003
    Dikembe Mutombo20013
    Kevin Garnett20013

    Turnovers Record

    John Stockton198912
    Michael Jordan199110
    James Harden201710
    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar19809
    Magic Johnson19869
    Magic Johnson19888
    Magic Johnson19837
    Magic Johnson19927
    Allen Iverson20057
    Isiah Thomas19846
    George Gervin19846
    Isiah Thomas19886
    Isiah Thomas19896
    Clyde Drexler19896
    Michael Jordan19936
    Shawn Kemp19946
    Scottie Pippen19966
    Gary Payton19966
    Tim Hardaway19986
    Jason Kidd20006
    Allen Iverson20036
    Kobe Bryant20046
    Allen Iverson20086
    Kyle Lowry20166
    Stephen Curry20186

    Personal Fouls Record

    Bobby Wanzer19546
    Paul Arizin19566
    Bob Cousy19566
    Dolph Schayes19596
    Bob Cousy19616
    Richie Guerin19626
    Walt Bellamy19626
    Johnny Green19656
    Bill Russell19656
    Rick Barry19666
    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar19706
    Willis Reed19706
    Rick Barry19786
    Hakeem Olajuwon19876
    Joe Fulks19515
    George Mikan19525
    Mel Hutchins19545
    George Mikan19545
    Arnie Risen19545
    Paul Arizin19555
    Vern Mikkelsen19555
    Slater Martin19565
    Maurice Stokes19565
    Neil Johnston19585
    Bill Russell19585