• 75 players have made at least one double-double (10 or more in two stats) in the NBA All-Star Game history.
    • Michael Jordan with 14 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists in 1997Lebron James with 29 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists in 2011Dwyane Wade with 24 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists in 2012 and Kevin Durant with 21 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists in 2017 are the only players able to achieve a triple-double in the NBA All-Star Game (stats also included in the double-doubles list below):
    2012Dwyane WadeMIA24101033
    2017Kevin DurantOKL21101027
    1997Michael JordanCHI14111126
    2011LeBron JamesMIA29121032


    • Bob Pettit and Wilt Chamberlain are the all-time leaders for this stat, but also the only players who have made a 20-20 double-double in the All-Star. Bob Pettit three times and Chamberlain twice.
    • The list is sorted by year. Filter the list by the number of double-doubles (DDs) or search for players you are interested in.

    P = Points, R = Rebounds, A = Assists

    19511Alex Groza (Indianapolis)1713
    20101Amare Stoudemire (Phoenix)1210
    20161Andre Drummond1613
    19951Anfernee Hardaway (Orlando)1211
    20171Anthony Davis (New Orleans)5210
    19656Bill Russell (Boston)1713
    19646Bill Russell (Boston)1321
    19636Bill Russell (Boston)1924
    19626Bill Russell (Boston)1212
    19616Bill Russell (Boston)2411
    19586Bill Russell (Boston)1111
    19781Bill Walton (Portland)1510
    19721Billy Cunningham (Philadelphia)1410
    19582Bob Cousy (Boston)2010
    19542Bob Cousy (Boston)2011
    19772Bob Lanier (Detroit)1710
    19742Bob Lanier (Detroit)2410
    19771Bob McAdoo (Buffalo)3010
    19659Bob Pettit (Saint Louis)1312
    19649Bob Pettit (Saint Louis)1917
    19639Bob Pettit (Saint Louis)2513
    19629Bob Pettit (Saint Louis)2527
    19609Bob Pettit (Saint Louis)1114
    19599Bob Pettit (Saint Louis)2516
    19589Bob Pettit (Saint Louis)2826
    19579Bob Pettit (Saint Louis)2111
    19569Bob Pettit (Saint Louis)2024
    20081Carlos Boozer (Utah)1410
    20102Carmelo Anthony (Denver)2710
    20132Carmelo Anthony (New York)2612
    19911Charles Barkley (Philadelphia)1722
    20101Chris Bosh (Toronto)2310
    20166Chris Paul (Clippers)1416
    20156Chris Paul (Clippers)1215
    20146Chris Paul (Clippers)1113
    20136Chris Paul (Clippers)2015
    20096Chris Paul (New Orleans)1414
    20086Chris Paul (New Orleans)1614
    19891Clyde Drexler (Portland)1412
    19611Clyde Lovellette (Saint Louis)2110
    19801Dan Roundfield (Atlanta)1813
    19785Dave Cowens (Boston)1414
    19765Dave Cowens (Boston)1616
    19745Dave Cowens (Boston)1112
    19735Dave Cowens (Boston)1513
    19725Dave Cowens (Boston)1420
    19963David Robinson (San Antonio)1811
    19933David Robinson (San Antonio)2110
    19903David Robinson (San Antonio)1510
    19594Dolph Schayes (Syracuse)1313
    19554Dolph Schayes (Syracuse)1513
    19514Dolph Schayes (Syracuse)1514
    19604Dolph Schayes (Syracyse)1910
    20071Dwight Howard (Orlando)2012
    20122Dwyane Wade (Miami)241010
    20102Dwyane Wade (Miami)2811
    19981Eddie Jones (Los Angeles)1511
    19634Elgin Baylor (Los Angeles)1714
    19614Elgin Baylor (Los Angeles)1510
    19604Elgin Baylor (Minneapolis)2513
    19594Elgin Baylor (Minneapolis)2411
    19735Elvin Hayes (Baltimore)1012
    19705Elvin Hayes (San Diego)2415
    19795Elvin Hayes (Washington)1313
    19765Elvin Hayes (Washington)1210
    19745Elvin Hayes (Washington)1215
    19971Gary Payton (Seattle)1710
    19801George Gervin (San Antonio)3410
    19533George Mikan (Minneapolis)2216
    19523George Mikan (Minneapolis)2615
    19513George Mikan (Minneapolis)1211
    19691Gus Johnson (Baltimore)1310
    19953Hakeem Olajuwon (Houston)1311
    19943Hakeem Olajuwon (Houston)1911
    19873Hakeem Olajuwon (Houston)1013
    19551Harry Gallatin (New York)1314
    19893Isiah Thomas (Detroit)1914
    19863Isiah Thomas (Detroit)3010
    19843Isiah Thomas (Detroit)2115
    19841Jack Sikma (Seattle)1512
    20171James Harden (Houston)1212
    20043Jason Kidd (New Jersey)1410
    20033Jason Kidd (New Jersey)1110
    20003Jason Kidd (Phoenix)1114
    20031Jermaine O’Neal (Indiana)1010
    19662Jerry Lucas (Cincinnati)1019
    19652Jerry Lucas (Cincinnati)2510
    19942John Stockton (Utah)1310
    19892John Stockton (Utah)1117
    19771Julius Erving (Philadelphia)3012
    19845Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Los Angeles)2513
    19805Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Los Angeles)1716
    19765Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Los Angeles)2215
    19715Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Milwauke)1914
    19705Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Milwauke)1011
    19933Karl Malone (Utah)2810
    19913Karl Malone (Utah)1611
    19883Karl Malone (Utah)2210
    20181Karl-Anthony Towns (Minnesota)1710
    20172Kevin Durant (Oklahoma)211010
    20142Kevin Durant (Oklahoma)3810
    20022Kevin Garnett (Minnesota)1412
    20002Kevin Garnett (Minnesota)2410
    20161Kyle Lowry (Toronto)1410
    20172Kyrie Irving (Cleveland)2214
    20142Kyrie Irving (Cleveland)3114
    19832Larry Bird (Boston)1413
    19822Larry Bird (Boston)1912
    20182LeBron James (Cleveland)2910
    20112LeBron James (Miami)291210
    19884Magic Johnson (Los Angeles)1719
    19854Magic Johnson (Los Angeles)2115
    19844Magic Johnson (Los Angeles)1522
    19834Magic Johnson (Los Angeles)1716
    20171Marc Gasol (Memphis)1010
    19781Maurice Lucas (Portland)1213
    19583Maurice Stokes (Rochester)1014
    19573Maurice Stokes (Rochester)1912
    19563Maurice Stokes (Rochester)1016
    19971Michael Jordan (Chicago)141111
    19824Moses Malone (Houston)1211
    19804Moses Malone (Houston)2012
    19864Moses Malone (Philadelphia)1613
    19874Moses Malone (Washington)2718
    19671Nate Thurmond (San Francisco)1618
    19562Neil Johnson (Philadelphia)1710
    19532Neil Johnston (Philadelphia)1112
    19664Oscar Robertson (Cincinnati)1710
    19644Oscar Robertson (Cincinnati)2614
    19624Oscar Robertson (Cincinnati)2613
    19614Oscar Robertson (Cincinnati)2314
    19933Patrick Ewing (New York)1510
    19913Patrick Ewing (New York)1810
    19903Patrick Ewing (New York)1210
    20151Pau Gasol (Chicago)1012
    19851Ralph Sampson (Houston)2410
    19541Ray Felix (Baltimore)1311
    19842Robert Parish (Boston)1215
    19812Robert Parish (Boston)1610
    19941Scottie Pippen (Chicago)2911
    20043Shaquille O’Neal (Los Angeles)2411
    20033Shaquille O’Neal (Los Angeles)1913
    19963Shaquille O’Neal (Orlando)2510
    19981Shawn Kemp (Cleveland)1211
    19742Spencer Haywood (Seattle)2311
    19732Spencer Haywood (Seattle)1210
    20141Stephen Curry (Golden State)1211
    20066Tim Duncan (San Antonio)1510
    20046Tim Duncan (San Antonio)1413
    20036Tim Duncan (San Antonio)1915
    20026Tim Duncan (San Antonio)1414
    20016Tim Duncan (San Antonio)1414
    20006Tim Duncan (San Antonio)2414
    19521Vern Mikkelsen (Minneapolis)1210
    19971Vin Baker (Milwauke)1912
    19621Walt Bellamy (Chicago)2317
    19601Willie Naulls (New York)1310
    19712Willis Redd (New York)1413
    19702Willis Reed (New York)2111
    19677Wilt Chamberlain (Philadelphia)1422
    19627Wilt Chamberlain (Philadelphia)4224
    19617Wilt Chamberlain (Philadelphia)1218
    19607Wilt Chamberlain (Philadelphia)2325
    19657Wilt Chamberlain (San Francisco)2016
    19647Wilt Chamberlain (San Francisco)1920
    19637Wilt Chamberlain (San Francisco)1719
    19661Zelmo Beatty (Saint Louis)1018