Roy Williams, North Carolina University Coach Retires After 33 Seasons

Roy Williams, North Carolina University Coach Retires After 33 Seasons

Roy Williams, the coach of North Carolina University, bid farewell to his team. He was in tears while he addressed them on Thursday, saying that he was not taking retirement but prefers to opt-out. It was a thrilling journey for him, and he loved every moment of his coaching career. Williams said that he wants to quit now.

He announced his retirement on April 1. The coach cleared that it was not a joke on the day of April Fool. He was the coach of the men‘s basketball team, but now he decides to step back.

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Roy Williams, among the most popular coach, achieved several titles for UNC

Williams was one of the most famous coaches of the basketball world. He headed the coaching of NCAA for 33 long seasons.

The NCAA former coach is now 70 years of age. He had been coaching North Carolina from 2003, winning three NCAA championships; first in 2005, then in 2009, and the last title was in 2017.

Roy Williams also headed the coaching of Kansas before he came to UNC. He was Kansas’s coach between 1988 and 2003

Williams did his graduation in 1972 from North Carolina University. He has not commented yet why he is retiring. He will have a press conference on Thursday.

There were many legendary basketball players like Paul Pierce, Harrison Barnes who have trained under Roy Williams.

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UNC scored a total of 485-163 under his coaching. They reached the top four six times and achieved nine titles of ACC during regular seasons.

Hall of Fame Williams has had a long journey with the Tar Heel (North Carolina)

Roy Williams got Hall of Fame (Naismith) for his contribution to basketball in 2007

UNC won 903 matches under the coaching of Roy Williams. He coached them for 33 seasons. Williams is on the third rank as coach of Division I in terms of the overall win. 

The university team said that their head coach, the beloved Roy Williams, was taking retirement. The team thanked the Hall of Fame coach for his immense contribution to the team. The love he showered on them, they will cherish all their life.

The famous basketball legend Dick Vitale thought the news of Roy Williams’s retirement was a joke. He said that he would never forget Roy as a good human being. Vitale noted that Roy Williams was his go-to person for coaching in his over 40-year career. Coach K, Bob Knight, Dean Smith extended their gratitude towards Roy Williams for his dedication and sheer labor.

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