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Shawn Bradley spinal Cord Injury Leads Him to Paralysis

Shawn Bradley injured himself terribly in an accident while he smashed his cycle with a car in January. The accident took place in Utah. Now he is in paralysis, as his team Dallas Mavericks announced on Wednesday.

A car crashed into Shawn Bradley, leaving him in paralysis

The 7’6″ lanky player met with the devastating incident while riding his bicycle closer to his house in St. George in Utah. The car crashed on his ride from back on January 20.

The Dallas Mavericks said that the 48-year-old basketball player faced severe injury in the spinal cord. The unfortunate event caused the NBA player paralysis.

Bradley had gone through enucleation surgery in his neck. He is now rehabilitating after spending eight long weeks in the hospital after the accident.

Doctors not sure about Bradley’s future career in basketball

Doctors said that Bradley needed time to recover, but it’s very difficult to predict if he would play basketball ever again.

Carrie, the wife of Bradley, was beside him in this difficult time. The player also kept his spirit high in this battle.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban wishes Bradley’s sooner recovery

Mark Cuban, the owner of Dallas Mavericks, mourned the news of Bradley’s bicycle crash. Although he is sure that Bradley would show determination in recovering as he showed on the basketball court. He calls Bradley a true fighter.

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Cuban wished Bradley’s family the very best. Bradley is Mavs family, and the team will continue their support to him.

The 76ers, Philadelphia selected Bradley as The first pick back in 1993. He spent most of his basketball career in the Dallas Mavericks. He ranked number 2 in the overall pick in 1993.

Shawn Bradley and his achievements from playing for Germany to leading NBA blocks

Bradley played for Germany internationally, as well as he played letting the NBA blocks in 1997. There are other achievements also.

Michael Jordan once appreciated Bradley by inviting him to join him in the Space Jam feature in 1996. Bradley holds a very respectful place in the NBA League.

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