Music For Rhythmic Gymnastics Performances

Music For Rhythmic Gymnastics Performances

The power of rhythmic gymnastics

It might be something that most of us only take an interest in when the Olympic Games comes around, but there are real power and achievement to be found in the world of Rhythmic Gymnastics Performances. Alongside the obvious physical strength and talent that you need to be a successful rhythmic gymnast, there is also one thing that sets this particular discipline apart from traditional gymnastics, and that is the use of music.

Sometimes, the difference between a gold medal performance and a silver medal performance can be the choice of music that is used to go along with the physical routine. Even the most experienced professional rhythmic gymnast needs help choosing music for their routines and many start here . Jenerg is also a great website to start with if you are seeking gyms for rhythmic gymnastics in the USA. Usually, the process begins with finding a gym for classes with the music coming later once you have started putting routines together.

Inspirational Music

When you want to put across a powerful message with your performance, picking music that inspires people can make all the difference. There are certain songs that everybody in the world knows and that everybody in the world loves and having the ability to recognize when a piece of music can evoke such a reaction in an audience and in judges is a special talent all of its own.

A Variety of Speeds and Tempos

Rhythmic gymnastics doesn’t just involve one type of move and one type of pace, so you want to find a piece of floor music that is going to be able to show off all of your skills to their best degree. This will often involve music that takes you on a journey, slow in some parts and quicker in others so that you can choreograph something to show off everything that you know. It is important to give audiences a chance to see not only your big jumps and tricks but also your slower, fluid movement that enables you to transition from one move to another in a rhythmic way.

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Something that is going to enhance your biggest strengths

Your choice of music should be something that helps you rather than hinders you. Think about what your biggest strengths are as a gymnast. If you are really good at high jumps, then pick music that features a lot of crescendos that jumps can be synced to. If your speed is something that sets you apart from the rest, then pick something that has a fast tempo that will impress people who are watching. If your transition movement is magical, then a slower piece of music is ideal because it gives you time to move around the floor and take your time in between set pieces.

A beloved song that might work to subconsciously sway the judges

If you are actually performing in a competition, then think about music as a way to get extra attention and praise from the judges. It isn’t likely that you will have any inside information about the judge’s preferences before a competition, so picking a broadly beloved song is always a safe bet for getting their attention and getting their toe-tapping! Picking a song that is too far out of the commercial box might suit the specifics of your routine, but at the same time, you have to think about whether the music is going to engage the people marking your work or not.

Soundtracks and Musicals

An easy cheat tip for picking good rhythmic gymnastics music is to go for songs that are from movie soundtracks and musicals, and there is a logical reason for this. Songs from musicals especially have been written and produced with choreography already in mind, and this means that the music will contain all of those individual moments, high and lows, that you are looking for when you are putting together a routine that best shows off all of your skills. Some genres of music are almost designed to be ‘anti choreography’ but tracks from movies and musicals already have a natural theatricality to them that makes them perfect for planning a floor routine.

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Consider something Classical

If you don’t want lyrics to be something that distracts from your gymnastic talent, then picking a piece of classical music is always a good idea. There are dozens and dozens of classical pieces that are instantly recognizable to most people around the world, so they tick the box in the sense of picking something that people are already attached to. Classical music also tends to be very dramatic, so that allows you to go really big with your performance. When you think about ballet, the music dictates the moves that are performed by the dancers, and the two elements come together to make something really impactful. You can achieve the same with your floor routine if you select the perfect piece of classical music.

Great examples of rhythmic gymnastics music

Great examples of rhythmic gymnastics music

To help give you a better idea and understanding of what it takes to pick a perfect piece of floor music for rhythmic gymnastics, here are some examples of songs that marry the music and moves together in superb harmony:

  • Another Day Of Sun from La La Land

Used in many different routines since its release, Another Day Of Sun is the perfect example that is designed for a musical and features the different tempos and speeds that you can choreograph for.

  • Crazy In Love by Beyonce

Beyonce is the reigning queen of popular music, so this song fits the bill for something that is universally known and loved by everyone. The high tempo is ideal for gymnasts who specialize in high jumps and fast transitions.

  • Beethoven’s 7th Symphony

An iconic piece of classical music that is instantly recognizable to the ear, and the passion of the music alone almost choreographs a routine for itself.

Music for rhythmic gymnastics must be loved by the gymnast. You can’t perform to your best if you are not 100% in tune with your music choice.

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