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What You Should Do Before You Begin Freelance Writing

Starting out can be extremely challenging, no matter what career you pick. But it can be even more trying if you want to freelance.

There is a large number of freelancers out there making good money, and they have been in the game for a long time. They can make it difficult for fresh writers to enter the game.

That is why you need to start off at a higher than beginner level. Why? Because no professional wants to waste their time with beginners.

Use the two things below and make your place in the freelance writing world.

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Find Your Niche

Before you put your fingers to a keyboard, you need to think about what you are going to write on. If you believe that you can pick any wiring project that you like, then you might want to think again. 

Think about your interests, skills, and experiences. These things can help you determine a niche or two that you can easily dive into. 

But also make sure that the niche is endless and profitable—for instance, lifestyle, finance, or personal opinions. For the last option, you might want to look into being an anonymous blogger

Create Samples

Before a client hires you for anything, they would want to see a sample of your writing. No one is going to hire you based on your word. That is why you should write a few posts related to your niches and put them all together on a cloud that lets you share a link to others for viewing the files.

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Also, try to get a few posts published for free on a few high DA websites. 

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