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Check Out These Players For The Upcoming 2020 Fantasy Basketball Season

The upcoming 2020 fantasy basketball season are up, and sports fans are hungry for some betting action more than ever. With the announcement of official players and predictions from various experts, getting a solid lineup is essential, especially in the first few season games. Projected players are here to help you out, as 2020 fantasy basketball season games can get wild more often than we expect.

From injuries to sudden substitutions, there’s no telling what would happen to your team. Fortunately, we have gathered several players that would serve useful to your roster amidst the uncertainty of the upcoming fantasy matches. Here are some players you should check and consider for your next winning fantasy basketball lineup. 

Giannis Antetokokounmpo (Milwaukee Bucks)

Giannis Antetokounmpo has climbed every season like a pro while improving his already impressive abilities. At 24- years old and beginning to reach his athletic peak, he already secured an MVP trophy last season, which could mean he can be a viable threat against the opposing team. 

Antetokounmpo is expected to maintain his performance from last year’s play. Still, it was speculated he might take his 3-point shooting percentage to the next step. Adding him to your fantasy roster might prove to be a worthwhile investment. 

Karl-Anthony Towns (Minnesota Timberwolves)

Karl-Anthony Towns was a consistent center to his team, and his recent performances earned the favor of most betting experts. However, he changed his playstyle when Jimmy Butler was traded last season and made a slow start. 

Regardless, the Minnesota Timberwolves brought back Towns’ presence to the lineup. This should spell for a possible best career performance for this promising player.

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Anthony Davis (LA Lakers)

Ranked as the best power forward and best overall player in Fantasy games, Anthony Davis is no joke. He is one of the most productive players in most seasons despite his recorded injury way back. 

Getting him as one of your lineups in Daily Fantasy Basketball matches and fantasy leagues should be an obvious choice. His versatility is impactful enough to gain him this reputation in fantasy matches.

Although some may question if he is worth it to add in the lineups, remember this: numbers do not lie, and his recent performances may give you an idea of how much of a competent contender Anthony Davis is. 

James Harden (Houston Rockets)

A consistent runner-up for the most valuable player award, James Harden is on an offensive campaign for this season. Taking into account his league-high performances, he is only slightly behind Russel Westbrook’s previous performances. 

With the official announcement of Westbrook’s return to the team, the former Harden-Westbrook tandem has intensified the court since they claimed to sacrifice personal stats in exchange for a guaranteed championship. Fantasy owners might have second thoughts on selecting Harden, but as for the Rockets powerhouse, there is nothing he would not do for total domination. 

Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors)

Currently coming off of his 6th All-NBA selection, Stephen Curry asserts his name as one of the best shooters of all time. This hall-of-famer enters the league with his impressive 27.3 points per game average and 91.6 free throw percentage rate in previous games. These numbers make him an intimidating foe and a probable asset to fantasy owners. 

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Despite injury concerns over the past seasons, he remains among the elite assets and a consistent pick in almost all fantasy basketball season formats. Additionally, with the absence of Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson for several reasons, Curry takes the opportunity to make a presence this season and show how a Hall-of-Famer plays. 

Pascal Siakam (Toronto Raptors)

Pascal Siakam might be coming off a breakout season, which paved the way for being the Most Improved Player award in the previous season. Looking at possible lineups for Siakam and Kawhi Leonard’s absence, he might be facing an opportunity as the next all-star game representative. 

Siakam took a considerable improvement in his abilities throughout his basketball career, not mentioning his significant contributions to the Raptor’s first championship in their franchise history. Overall, his impressive professional career and involvement in elite events might convince you to add him to your winning roster. 

Considering the current events and lineups on the table, getting Siakam on an early-round draft is the current consensus of most 2020 fantasy basketball season owners in all formats. 


Getting the best player is always the primary goal of creating the winning roster. With various odds and ends that may happen at any time, getting a proper roster is as crucial as winning the championship. Bear in mind that a favored player will not always bring a guaranteed win. Make sure you judge your assets and liabilities meticulously and always consider all the things that happen inside and outside the court. 

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