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Derrick Henry of Tennessee Titans Bags Deal of $50 Million for Four Years

The star running back of the Tennessee Titans Derrick Henry has concluded to go for a 4-year agreement against $50 million. The contract is made on a condition that the guaranteed amount will be $25.5 million. Adam Schefter, reporter of ESPN news was the first one to confirm this news. The official deal disclosure by the Tennessee Titans was complete by July 15. However, the public is yet to know about the details and terms of the contract.

Along with Henry, another person who has bagged a new deal as an agreement extension is Ryan Tannehill. The new contract with Derrick Henry guarantees him around $12.5 million annually. Therefore, he is now on the fifth position of the highest-paid players of NFL. The first four are Christian McCaffrey of the Panthers’ ($16 million), Ezekiel Elliot of the Cowboys ($15 million), Le’Veon Bell of the Jets’ ($13.1 million), and lastly, David Johnson of the Texas team (13 million).

The agreement of the Tennessee Titans with Derrick Henry seems to be a contradiction according to a previous announcement. According to a source close to the team, they are most unlikely to sign any kind of a long-term contract, especially with franchise players. However, the opposite happened, and that too before 4 pm ET which was pretty unexpected. In an interview on July 16, Derrick Henry stated his opinion.

Derrick Henry’s opinion

Derrick spoke about the fact that there is so much uncertainty all around. Besides, no one knows what is going to happen in a couple of months from now. So, he, along with his team and agent after a lot of discussions came to the conclusion that fixing on an agreement at this moment seems like the best decision. It is better to lock it up and then move ahead in such a dicey scenario.

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One of Derrick Henry’s biggest victories was when he secured the rushing title of NFL in the last season. He won with 1,540 yards. Besides, he has posted about several seasons with 1,000 yards and more before. If you check the records of all of the running backs of the NFL including a minimum of 200 carried till last year, Derrick leads the list with a superb rate of 5.1 yards per carrying. He has proved his worth in the team of the Tennessee Titans. Especially, he plays quite a vital role when it comes to the playoffs.

According to Jon Robinson, the General Manager of the Tennessee Titans team, Derrick Henry is a vital part of all that they do. He is very important to the team, and the game of football too. Looking back, even the scouting combine of NFL stated that it was a great year for them and it was all thanks to Derrick. It was back in 2018, that he rushed to lead the team, and showed how good he was in the second half of the season. Not only is he superb in the community, but he is also a hard worker and loves his team dearly.

The coach praises Derrick’s captaincy skills

During the AFC championship entrance, Derrick Henry was on account for almost 69% of the total team’s offense. Later, when it was time for the playoffs, he was also the first player to target more than 180-yards in back-to-back three games. Then, in the next season, he showed his skills as a team lead, and coach Mike Vrabel was all praises.

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According to the coach, Derrick was then already a good captain, and that his skills were constantly improving. It was after the Titans won by a 20-13 lead over the New England Patriots. Coach Vrabel proudly said that Derrick had successfully led the team to victory. He felt that the player was the one to get the credit for establishing proper communication between the team, and the coach. The best part was that all the boys listened to him quite well, and he was good at communication too.

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