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Now it has become much easier to follow the progress of interesting sports confrontations. Watch live Soccer   games is always available on the website of sports statistics. It is easy to follow the confrontations held within the championship of the Netherlands, where the second half of the season has recently started.

In the first part of the campaign, Ajax predictably was the best team, but the gap between the Amsterdam club and its direct competitors is not so big. However, the latest matches have shown that the club is always able to turn the tide of the confrontation, if it is not in its favour.

Ajax not only has a margin of safety, it continues to get stronger. Thus, this January the club managed to sign Haller of West Ham. It was one of the biggest transfers of the month. It is always easy to keep track of soccer news and the Amsterdam club’s performance in live format on the sports statistics website. You will be able to see how new purchases will affect the results of the team.

The club has a busy second part of the season ahead. Its key competitors — PSV and Feyenoord — are very close to it in the standings. This means that Ajax needs to demonstrate all its might to finish in the first position.

The Eredivisie table right now

Since the gap between the rivals is minimal, any misfire may become decisive. Now the Eredivisie table clearly demonstrates that Ajax is the leader but with a minimal advantage. However, the team has everything it needs to win the national championship without any problems. In particular, its strong points include:

  1. Excellent roster. The selection of performers in the Amsterdam team is noticeably better than that of direct competitors. Thanks to this, the coach always has someone to strengthen the game, even if the match doesn’t unfold in favour of Ajax. For example, Huntelaar’s substitutions, during which he has already managed to score many important goals.
  2. Skills of the main stars, who are ready to decide the outcome of any match in favour of their team at any moment.
  3. Good teamwork of players. They have perfect understanding on the field, which allows them to count on a positive result.
  4. Progress of talented young athletes.
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However, the team definitely shouldn’t relax. In the table Eredivisie its gap from competitors is minimal, so fans can expect a good result from the club only if it regularly demonstrates its skills. It’s easy to follow your favourite team’s progress on the sports statistics website.

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