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The Weeknd Assures Family-Oriented Storyline for Super Bowl Act

The Weeknd will perform a family-oriented gig in the half time of Super Bowls. He said that on Thursday that he would continue to entertain with much more creativity. This time it will have a story, which is much more for all.

Abel Tesfaye, a.k.a the Weeknd, recently showed up all wrapped up in bandages in a video. It also consisted of two women meeting with an incorporeal head of him. This was a part of his gory videos. He is famous always for pushing the envelope of creativeness. However, for Super Bowl, he has to perform in a way that people of all ages can watch.

The Weeknd is generally very secretive about his performance. He will be performing in the NFL championship on Sunday but didn’t let go of any details of his gig. There is only a hint from him that the story will be this time much more subtle. It will also have lesser graphic theatrics.

The Weeknd added viscidity storyline to his performance

The artist said that he wanted to entertain all the audience who are watching him with their family. He also confirmed to include a specific storyline in his performance. The story is very viscidity in today’s time. It will serve more to the family audience more.

It is very prestigious for any artist to perform at the Super Bowl. Artists like Bruce Springsteen, the E Street Band, Lady Gaga, the Rolling Stones, and Prince have performed there earlier.

The Weeknd started his career when he was 30 years old. He recorded first in 2010 and found success with his like songs of R&B. The songs were “Blinding Lights,” “Heartless,” and “Can’t Feel My Face.” The Weeknd had nine Billboard awards and three Grammy awards.

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Recently, he made headlines due to one of his wacky videos. However, he is likely to have a different approach for the Super Bowls. 

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