5 Remodeling Tips To Make Your Pool Look Resort-like

5 Remodeling Tips To Make Your Pool Look Resort-like

To make your pool look resort-like, you need to remodel it, fix the pool resurfacing, add fancy accessories, technological improvements, and so on.

Almost everyone has a pool in their backyard these days. But with time your pool gets old and dirty. In that case, you need to repair it and ensure proper maintenance to make the pool look great again. 

However, when remodeling, you can spend some extra cash to upgrade your basic pool and give it resort-like attributes? This will certainly increase the lux factor of your pool.

People who have a few extra bucks to spare can easily add these features to their backyard pool and completely change its vibe.

Why Should You Remodel Your Pool?

A pool gets old with time, just like any other structure. To make it look fresh, and to function properly, you need to remodel it. As the pool gets old, some of its features may not work well.

Your pump will stop working, the pool will start leaking and the surface will look dull and worn out. With time, newer and more advanced pool technology has been introduced to increase the longevity of the pools. So, it is significant to update it with better technologies and make it look and feel better than the existing version.

All things considered, it is best to remodel your pool in autumn. Then it will be ready by summer, the season when the swimming pool is used the most.

Now that you know why you have to remodel your pool, let us look at a few factors that can be added to boost the charm of your pool and make it resort-like.

1. Enhance Pool Aesthetics

Customizing and increasing the aesthetics of your pool could give your pool a fresh and more mesmerizing look.

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There are quite some aesthetic items you can choose from. You can add fountains, small tropical trees, and stones just like you will find in the pool of a resort. Make the pool look even cooler and fun by adding pool basketball hoops from Iron City Showdown.

You can also add special lighting to create a more dreamy vibe to your pool. You can combine the color of the pool tiles and provide lighting that brings out the beauty of the pool.

And if you want to get even fancier, you can install a large TV in the backyard to enjoy a good football match while relaxing in the pool.

2. Pool Resurfacing

Resurfacing is a must for every pool owner to keep the pool functioning. Generally, it is advised to do resurfacing within 5 to 20 years. Resurfacing means removing the previously installed plaster and sealing and replacing them with new ones.

You have a wide range of tiles and plasters to choose from for the pool. If you want a classic bright vibe, you can give the pool white tiles and plaster. However, you can also combine different colors like mixing blue and green will give you a beach vibe.

3. Additional accessories

Apart from these aesthetic items, you can put additional accessories to have a multipurpose pool. You can add a small cooler to enjoy a cold beer and say goodbye to all your stress.

Getting a tanning table or a hammock will allow you to enjoy the sun before taking a dip in the pool. You can also add a table with a large umbrella shade to enjoy dinner when there is a social gathering.

You can add some nice mats around the pool to do some stretches before diving into the pool.

4. Replace The Pool Coping

Pool coping is the area where the pool shell wall is capped with concrete or bricks. You can replace it with much better pool coping no-slip materials.

This will prevent the swimmers or whoever is hanging on the pool from slip and fall. Most resorts use this advanced pool coping, and you can add this tool if you are remodeling your pool.

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5. Technological Improvements

As mentioned before, with time better technologies are being invented. Nowadays, most resorts have their pools built with all the latest technologies.

Most of the pools in resorts have auto-clean features. This was not available for the older models installed in houses. So, if you are remodeling, you can have this auto-cleaning pool feature to increase the lifespan of your pool.

Another advanced pool technology is the one-touch control button. With just the push of a button, your pool will fill up with water by itself, check the pH level of the water and adjust the pH level, and apply chemicals that will kill any harmful organisms present in the pool water.

Implementing this technology is very costly but if you are concerned about health and hygiene, then it is worth every penny

Things To avoid

Now, while you are remodeling your pool, there are also some factors you have to avoid that are-

Doing It Yourself

You should know that remodeling is not a one-man job. Especially, if it is pool remodeling. There are many features that you might be unaware of and some crucial measurements that you do not know. So hire a professional for the remodeling work.

Do Not Compromise On Quality

Do not sacrifice quality to save a few dollars. Yes, you might have a tight budget, but you must make sure to get high-quality items. They might cost a bit more but in the end, they will survive a long time.

Cheaper items may save money initially but will empty your pocket with the constant maintenance cost.

Final Thoughts

Swimming pools are amazing to have a fun and relaxing time in the water. They are also the star attractions if you want to have a backyard party. With so many new and more advanced tools available, it is about time you upgrade your pool.

If you follow the instructions in this article, you will very soon have a pool with all the resort-like features. This will leave you with satisfaction and others in awe

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