LeBron James and Anthony Davis Achieve Shaq-Kobe Level Victory Recreating History

LeBron James and Anthony Davis Achieve Shaq-Kobe Level Victory

According to LeBron James and Anthony Davis, there was no duo more legendary than Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal. However, it seems that history is repeating itself after two decades. Earlier in the 2000s, Kobe and Shaq were ruling the games with a hattrick on victory titles. The latest news is about the achievement of the Los Angeles Lakers.

It is making fans nostalgic. Everyone agrees that the James-David duo is the closest to the legendary partnership of Shaq-Kobe. After beating the Miami team in a second back-to-back game, the pair has recreated history. Moreover, they are now the first teammate duo after Shaq-Kobe to score over 30 individual points in a finals game. The Lakers finally complete the game with a lead of 124-114 in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

In a statement by LeBron James, he states that the Shaq-Kobe duo was the most inspirational and dominant in an earlier time. It was back when he was in high school that he learned a basketball perspective from the legends. James adds that while Shaq brought in the force, Bryant was the of elegance. Both of them were fabulous regarding whatever they did on both sides of the floor. Therefore, it is a great honor for both him and Davis to find their names beside such legends. James says that it is overwhelming and humbling for a high school student who grew up watching Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant. It is a proud moment for him and Davis to be called equal to the legendary Shaq-Kobe duo.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis win the consecutive second game with equal finesse.

Recently, LeBron James and Anthony Davis destroyed the zone defense of Miami using their superb skills. For a consecutive second game, James successfully hit all the triple-double. Therefore, his score was 33 points, along with nine rebounds and nine assists. On the other hand, Anthony Davis has 32 points with 14 rebounds. The last time fans were able to witness such an exciting game was in 2002. It was when O’Neal and Bryant were sweeping away to victory against Jason Kidd. It was the third game in the 2002 finals league.

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LeBron James was nothing but a high school kid who was watching the game in complete awe. It was when O’Neal scored 35 points with four blocks and 11 rebounds. On the other hand, Bryant secured 36 points with six rebounds. The partnership led the team to a fantastic 106-103 win on June 9, 2002. Jason Kidd is presently the chief assistant coach under Frank Vogel for the Lakers. Anthony Davis, who is 6.10 feet tall, is not as physically overpowering as O’Neal, whose weight was 71,325 pounds. However, that does not stop him from scoring whenever he wants to.

James and Davis are joining the ace league soon.

According to ESPN’s information and stats, Anthony Davis is the fifth player in the history of NBA finals with an individual with over 30 points. His shooting rate is 75%, and he also has 10 rebounds. Therefore, Davis finally joins the A-league, where four other players are mentioned in gold. They are O’Neal, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Larry Bird, and Kevin McHale. On the other hand, there is LeBron James, who, with his playmaking skills and muscles, is winning games and hearts. His average is at 29 points with nine assists and 11 rebounds.

In an interview recently, someone asked James asked who out of the current power duo plays like O’Neal and who represents Kobe. LeBron James says that considering the power and size and Shaq’s speed, he feels his game means the same. On the other hand, considering the shooting style and elegance, Anthony Davis is more like Kobe. However, James says that the common factor that brings all four of them to the same place is the competitive attitude. All of them get to the floor with a winning mentality. He further says that he is Shaq in the duo because he plays in the post, and AD is Bryant because he tackles the ball.

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