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Sekou Smith, Famous NBA Reporter, Died at 48 Due to Covid-19

The famous reporter of NBA, Sekou Smith, died due to Covid-19. His age was 48. NBA issued a statement saying that they lost a treasured family member Sekou Smith.

Smith was such an amiable NBA reporter who dedicated his life to sports. He was an insider to the league and friends to many legendary players.

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Sekou Smith’s career of over 20 years

His career span was over 20 years. His success was terrific with association with Turner Sports. He was a sportswriter, podcaster, and analyst for the last 11 years with them from 2009. In his initial days, Smith worked as a beat writer. He used to cover the Hawks and the Pacers. Then he moved to become a TV analyst on Air.

Sekou Smith started his reporting career from his student Life in 1994. He was in Jackson, then reporting for The Clarion-Ledger, Mississippi. Then there were four years when he was with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and The Indianapolis Star.

NBA players, his colleagues, and coaches mourn the death of Sekou Smith

The NBA extended their condolences to Smith’s family, heather, his wife. They have three children Reilly, Cameron, and Gabriel.

Marc J. Spears, a colleague of Smith from the NBA, paid tribute to the reporter. He thanked him for the love, friendship, sense of humor, and honesty. He had a good fortune to express to Smith how he loved him when he met him just three weeks before.

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Spears said that Sekou was a treasure to the circle of the NBA. He was also a great father to his children and a loved friend to many. He stands with Smith’s family in this difficult time and wishes his soul to rest in peace.

The NBA reporter had beautiful comic timing too. Though he was always on TV gaining much success, he was a man close to the earth. The basketball journalism circle mourns over his devastating death. Everyone loved him for his electrifying persona and warmth. Turner sports said that they loved him profoundly and extended their condolences to his wife and children.

Stan Van Gundy, coach of New Orleans Pelicans, Steve Kerr, coach of Golden State Warriors, and Adam Silver, the NBA commissioner, paid tribute to the famous reporter Smith. Steve and Van worked with Smith in the Turner Sports. Players like Chris Paul and Dwayne Wade also mourned his death.


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