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Snoop Dogg Launches Pro Boxing League of His Own Called Fight Club

There is news of fights in town as Snoop Dogg launches his own Pro Boxing League partnered with Ryan Kavanaugh

Ryan is the co-founder of Triller, which is a social video making app. He and the American Rapper are going to put up a pro boxing League. Their brand’s name is appropriately named the Fight Club.

Kavanaugh announced this new venture while talking about Snoop Dogg’s fiery commentary in the Jones jr.- Mike Tyson’s bout on Saturday.

Ryan said that they had named the first happening of the pro boxing League The fight club.

Proxima Media is the owner of the League. It owns the app Triller also. Ryan founded the company and is now collaborating with famous Snoop Dogg for this League.

Snoop Dogg back in the commentary box soon

The co-founder of Proxima Kavanaugh said that Snoop Dogg is an owner and one of the commentators at the matches. Snoop Dogg holds musical presentations and books the fight too.

The events are going to be extravagant. They want to come with new horizons to the ideas of boxing.

Entertainment with boxing going to go bigger

They are going to arrange sanctioned fights in the League as well as the non sanctioned ones. Ryan said that there would be an undercard to this event. They are also trying to involve celebrities, athletes, professional boxers, and social media stars on the card.

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Ryan already confirmed that they’re ready to hold a sanction magnificent event with celebrated stars.

Snoop Dogg owned Pro boxing League, an extravagant show coming up

He added that they would put up a show that will amaze the people who are bidding fans. It is going to be bigger than Jones Jr Vs. Mike Tyson bout. Worldwide audiences will get to see boxing with musical concerts and more entertainment.

The exciting part is that Snoop Dogg will be back in the commentary box after Mike Vs. Jones Jr. Success.

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