Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow of New York Mets Retires From Professional Baseball

Tim Tebow has taken retirement from professional baseball. His journey as a major league player comes to an end. The former NFL quarterback turned slugger is now retiring from professional baseball.

The football superstar had won the Heisman Trophy in 2007. After that, with encouragement from New York Mets, President Sandy Alderson, he returned to baseball. He used to play baseball in junior high school, though. So when he joined the New York Mets, his journey was full of successes. After joining in 2016 for three years in 2019, he achieved triple-A level with Minor League Baseball team Syracuse Mets.

The 33-year-old Tim played 287 games in three Pro seasons in the Mets’ farm system. He scored 107 runs, three triples, 18 homers, five stolen bases, and 107 RBI.

Tim Tebow retires from baseball to invest his time in other dreams

Tim Tebow announced his retirement from baseball on Wednesday. He said that he has other dreams to pursue and was getting ready for it.

Tim thanked his team president and teammates in New York Mets

Tebow thanked his team, Mets’ former general manager and present president Richard Lynn “Sandy” Alderson, and other teammates. He felt honored playing with such a fine organization.

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Tim enjoyed every minute of the last five years in his professional baseball journey with the New York Mets. Now he is getting calls from his other dreams. He always feels that one should not pursue things partially. Now, when he has different objectives in mind, he wants to invest his time to that 100 percent.

He thanked everyone who supported him and showered love over him in this journey. It was a joyful voyage.

Tim suddenly took the retirement decision, actual reason yet to come out

TMZ sports had a brief talk with the player last month when he said that he would continue with baseball with his total commitment. He said then that he felt excited about his spring training. He wanted to focus on that.

Tim to join as a coach with Urban Meyer in the Jacksonville Jaguars 

It is not clear why he suddenly took this decision of retirement after what he said last month. Some thought he could be Joining his ex-coach Urban Meyer and help him out in the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Tim Tebow’ career started with smash hits

Tebow homered in the very first game in his baseball career with the Mets against the St. Louis Cardinals in 2016. It was in the Mets’ instructional league. He scored another home run when he was with the Single-A Columbia Fireflies in his first professional baseball bat.

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