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Thor vs Eddie: Was Thor Cheated in World’s Strongest Man Contest?

Hafthor Bjornsson who is popularly known as Thor recently broke the world record for the world’s heaviest deadlift. Right after breaking the record, he challenged Eddie Hall to a boxing match. Eddie Hall is the one who held the record earlier and he is Thor’s arch-rival. Their feud started back in 2017 when they both were competing for the World’s Strongest Man (WSM) contest. Eddie Hall won the competition that year by just one vote. The feud began here started since Thor claimed that was cheated. He accused the then chief referee Colin Bryce of colluding with Eddie so that the award goes to him.

Thor vs Eddie: What caused the feud

Thor had vehemently spoken out against Eddie and Colin. In fact, Thor even refused to shake Eddie’s hand after the competition. Every time that this incident comes up, Thor claims that he had the right to win. He always asserted that Eddie and Colin and conspired to make Eddie win. The issue largely revolved around the Viking Press Event. The contestants were told that ‘Double-Dipping’ was prohibited. This means that the contestants aren’t allowed to bend their knees two times within the same rep. You have to keep your knees straight throughout one rep and right up until the start of the second rep. Thor uses the momentum and bends his knees. The rules prohibit this.

A never seen before video of the contest has now emerged. This video seemingly lays the entire controversy to rest. Collin Bryce can be seen in the video explaining to the contestants about the prohibition of double-dipping. In the video, Colin also points out Thor’s technique and how it is seen as double-dipping. There is also a referee camera point of view in the video. Background commentary from Colin that is intended for WSM organizers can be heard. In the video, Thor is double-sipping quite clearly. In the video, other athletes are also seen adding that Thor was off the mark that day.

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Eddie’s thoughts

Eddie Hall appreciated the release of the footage. He remembered a time when he and Thor used to be friends. Eddie also praised Thor for being one of the strongest men he had known. Then, Eddie adds that Thor is surrounded by a bunch of ‘yes men’. It was these people that got to his head and led to the whole controversy. He also said that this whole controversy cast a dark shadow over his historic victory of the WSM 2017 contest. Eddie ended with a remark that he would decimate Thor in the ring next year. He also challenged Thor’s ‘yes men’ to come out and fight Eddie as well. Thor was busy practicing for his match so he was not available to share his opinion on this.

Final Thoughts

This controversy of Thor vs Eddie has been dragged on for too long. In the video, Thor can be clearly seen as double-dipping. The two should put this feud to rest. No matter what happens, their match next year is sure to be exciting!

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