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Role of Digital Technology in Improving Labuan Students’ Education

One constant challenge for educational authorities and policymakers is to improve the standard of education worldwide. And because of their efforts, noteworthy and appreciative changes are visible, much like the integration of ICTs- (Informational & Communication Technologies).- Labuan Students

Malaysia or, more specifically, Labuan – the federal territory of Malaysia constituting the Labuan Island and 6 other smaller isles- off the coast of Sabah state in East Malaysia- is a classic example!

Also known as ‘The Pearl of Borneo,’ Labuan is quite beautiful to visit. It features a vibrant mix of cordial locals, quality facilities and striking sights and scenarios.

Steps To Take Education Level in Labuan (& all around Malaysia) To The Next Level

Of course, the educational authorities in Malaysia are also taking significant strides to make Labuan more literary appealing like its other noteworthy facets.

The current Malaysian Education System is being transformed so that the new generation of students can quickly adapt to new-gen technology to improve their education and cognitive skill-sets.

With the popularity and acceptance of online learning and education technology, the Malaysian Education System is implementing new-gen technology in several classrooms.

Such multimedia technologies play a vital role in classrooms as interactive courseware in delivering respective course materials to enthusiastic students.

Moreover, these interactive courses are easily accessible over the internet, mainly in Mathematics, Science and various lingual subjects.

Such interactive courseware incorporates students’ specific interests in learning history or their preferred topic. It also addresses students’ potential challenges and constraints when working with interactive courseware.

Top Schools in Labuan Are Embracing New Education Ideas & State of The Art Technology To Enhance Student Learning. 

A case in point is LIS- Labuan International School, which is the 1st ever private & international school in Labuan.

Even with over 2 decades of teaching merit, the school officials are openly accepting and adopting fresh educational ideas and state-of-the-art technology to boost their student’s learning.

Adhering to the age-old quote, ‘Change is the only constant’, they are constantly upgrading themselves by-.

  • Improving their teaching techniques
  • Augmenting their tutors’ knowledge base via many developmental courses conducted by the University of Cambridge for International Examinations
  • Openly embracing “Virtual Learning Environment Platform – Schoology (*)

(*) Schoology; is a learner-centred platform offering one-to-one learning programming to rationalise learning and produce lifelong learning skills.

Digital Technology in Students’ Education

How Beneficial Has It Proven For Enhancing Learning & What New Prospects Does It Present to Aspiring Students?

Provision for top-quality educational content

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There’s ample educational content available for students in Labuan to access. From videos, PDF tutorials, and podcasts to relevant graphs, pie charts and other content sources- there is no scarcity of learning content to use.

Moreover, students can also use the power of the internet to refer to quality yet Make Assingment Help services to help them with their tasks and homework.

Digital simulations & learning models

While it came to notice that traditional learning proved ineffective for students grasping complex concepts, education technology saw great success.

Understanding this, most Labuan tutors resorted to means to digital simulation and learning models to help their students grasp concepts more clearly.

So, whether it’s the theory of ‘quantum entanglement, grasping ‘the butterfly effect’ or comprehending the chemical composition of ‘Luminal’ digital simulations and complementing learning models prove real handy.

Moreover, students can also refer to theoretical and practical examples from lesson videos on YouTube to be crystal clear on all its questionable facets.

Tutors Can Conduct Student Assessment In Real-Time

Digital simulations and learning models also benefit several teachers in Labuan (and across Malaysia). These simulations and learning models, not only aid teachers prepare course lessons quickly and effectively it also allows them to keep track of all students’ performance.

Furthermore, by using such educational technology, respective teachers can efficiently conduct student assessments in real-time.

  • They can stay updated about all assessment records at all time
  • They can easily access the saved records and access it anytime
  • They can check the number of assignments allocated to different students
  • They can even check how much time a student takes to complete a problem

With the means to access such crucial real-time data anytime and from anywhere, teachers in Labuan are getting more involved in their students’ improvements. And depending on their performance sheet, they know who to give more attention to and what aspects to help them improve.

Freedom to learn at one’s own pace

With such state-of-the-art technology, respective students can enjoy self-paced learning- right from the comfort of their homes.

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Not every student is alike. Some learn quickly, while others take time to understand their course concepts. While most Labuan teachers try their best to allocate an equal amount of time to every student- to some extent, they cannot adequately meet their teaching requirements. This is due to the time allotted for each class and the total number of students attending.

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Fortunately, with quality education technology, students can learn their course topics at their own pace. They can go through topic answers, explanations, and definitions as often as they want. They can even rummage through info graphics, YouTube tutorials or even connect with their teachers using Skype or G Meet to clarify their doubts and questions.

Much to your delight, they can even take up online mock tests or refer to the previous academic year’s Q-bank to help them study and prepare.

Option to explore open education

While the educational structure is evolving with more use of educational technology, respective students in Labuan (or any part of Malaysia) have the scope to explore other options from distinctive Universities from around the world.

Moreover, they can also view their course overview and other necessary information from the University’s official assignment writer website.

If you are thinking about what’s next for your education, use the web to determine which open education best fits you. This way, your grades will not suffer, and you will walk toward your ultimate career goal.

Fun learning results in improved retention of fresh concepts

Since tutors and schools in Labuan introduced new-gen education technology to their mix, students have found their course learning fun, engaging and exciting. They are using technology to learn numerous concepts and topics in their academics anytime, anywhere.

With the help of computers, tabs and even smartphones, there is ample scope to learn concepts playfully. Moreover, with countless live streaming course videos and available PDFs & articles, not only can students understand intricate topics better, they will even retain the information for a more extended period.

Final Lines:

As you can see, digital educational technology has enhanced Labuan students’ learning (& how it continues to do so with every passing phase).

It has also proven very handy for Labuan teachers to keep track of their students’ performances and work on areas that need further improvement.

So, if you are an aspiring student in Labuan (or any part of Malaysia), the future seems bright with the radical use and acceptance of high-end educational technologies.

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