Top 9 Items Every Football Fan Should Keep in Their Collection

It must be frustrating to be a Football fan and not have enough collectibles in your stash. You may feel like you are not contributing or committed enough to the sport or your team. 

The fandom is big. The collectables are bigger but you cannot choose what to keep to make your collection bigger. You chose something, but it’s expensive or not available. You bought something, but it’s not enough for your collection. 

These are the top 9 items that every Football fan should collect. 

1. NFL Cards

Every true NFL fan will have common or rare cards among their collections. Cards with limited productions, had printing mistakes, common cards and epic special editions; the list goes on and on for the collectors.

You can buy these cards from popular sites like Amazon, ebay and Craigslist. But finding out the authenticity and rarest NFL cards is undoubtedly a difficult task. There are businesses specialized in finding out these cards so that you don’t have to worry about getting duped. You can easily purchase it from them.

2. Favorite Team’s Yoga Mat

You are an NFL fan but could not get enough opportunities to hook yourself with some easily available collectibles during the Pandemic? Then Yoga Mat is for you. 

You can easily purchase your favorite team’s yoga mat and maybe engage yourself with meditation during lockdowns while sitting on it. It will both make you happy and jolly during these monotonous times. 

If you already have the same colored mat, you should try out a different colored one, just for the collection.

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3. Blanket

Being a Football fan means you must go to the stadium and keep supporting your team no matter what the weather forecaster says. Things become extremely difficult during the winter, and nothing comes close if you can get your hands on your favorite team’s blanket.

These blankets are not only affordable but also comfy. It will keep you warm while you cry, laugh or cheer for your favorite team during the game. You should easily add this item to your collection without thinking twice.

4. Cufflinks of Your Favorite Team

Cufflinks are a cosmetic extension for your formal dresses, but they increase overall attractiveness. A true NFL fan will try to get a hold of these cufflinks as soon as they get released, but the main problem is, that they are rare.

Experts have predicted that some teams in the NFL have the highest potential to improve in the current season and in the upcoming seasons. You should immediately get the cufflinks of these teams as long as they are in stock.

5. Socks

If you are a slipper person or a person who wears flat sandals daily, socks are your best friends. If you can wear your favorite Football team’s socks, that is the cherry on the top. It can keep you warm during the winter season also.

You can also wear these socks with your formal dresses because all these socks have popped color and are extremely stylish. These socks are not expensive, and you can quickly get them just by visiting your favorite NFL team’s websites. 

6. Gaiter Scarf

Just like blankets, you can keep a gaiter scarf of your favorite Football team in your collection. These scarfs are cool, and stylish and can be used as an everyday accessory. If your favorite team’s logo is attached to it, that doubles the excitement.

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Gaiter Scarfs are widely available. You can either get the official ones or you can just order from small businesses to make you a custom one. You absolutely want this item in your collection.

7. Jersey

Having your favorite team’s jersey in your collection to wear during matches or other occasions just shows how important it is for you to maintain your team’s pride. 

You can easily buy an authentic jersey from the official sites. Authentic ones are a bit pricey but worth it because of their color accuracy, texture, quality of the fabrics, and logos.

If you can get autographs on these jerseys from your favorite players; that jersey just becomes an invaluable part of your collections. 

8. Stat Book

Sports Illustrated publishes stat books before each NFL season. These books have all the necessary information about your favorite Football team, players, stats, weakness, skills, strengths, etc. 

Vintage ones are the most expensive but also keeping it in your collection just glorifies it. You can buy the autographed versions online to make them more special. 

9. Hoodies & Windbreakers

Hoodies & Windbreaker of your favorite football team are absolutely mandatory for your collection. These are not only stylish but also a great addition to your dressing lineup. 

You can wear hoodies and windbreakers during the winter season. As the colors are bright and have your favorite team’s logo on it, it just adds a pinch of sweetness to your personality; also to your collections of course. 


Nothing is more joyous than being a football fan. A true fan will definitely have rare and epic NFL cards in their arsenal. Jerseys, hoodies, scarfs, blankets, stat books; all these things are important for your collection, and there is no limit to them. These are the top 9 items that every Football fan needs in their collection and if you do not have them in yours yet, go get them as early as possible.

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