Improve Your Pool Skills

7 Tips & Drills to Instantly Improve Your Pool Skills

Whether you want to sharpen your pool skills to beat your friends or thinking about entering tournaments and compete on a larger level, you can only improve your pool skills once you know the fundamentals. It will be foolish to jump right into complex and advanced game concepts without even knowing the basic things about them.

While you sure need to practice advanced strategies and techniques to compete with the big leagues, you have to practice consistently and master all the fundamentals related to this game.

In any game, you must know the basics. The basic knowledge is your foundation. And by building a proper foundation, you can practice and develop your advanced skills of the game. So it is utmost important for you to practice the fundamental rules first. Herer is wholesale pool tables.

Even in betting or gambling, you have to know the basic rules to make sure you’re not making any stupid mistakes. Always try to have something more than what other players might have. Before we move further with our discussion, let us suggest you to use our exclusive code: BETMAX365 which will give you a headstart if you’re into online betting.

Here are seven best tips and drills on the pool game’s primary aspects, which you must consider if you want to improve your skills.

1. Grip the Pool Cue Properly

The first step towards improving your performance in the pool game is learning how to properly hold the pool cue. You might think that having a hard and strong grip on the cue stick will give you better control and precision over the shot. This is, however, a prevalent misconception among beginners. With an overly tight grip on the pool cue, you might accidentally hit the cue ball too low instead of the preferred center and cause it to bounce right off the table.

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When you are holding the cue with your dominant hand, make sure that your grip is very light. Rest the cue on your thumb and index finger. If you want additional support and power, you can add the middle finger as well. Practicing consistently will help you find the perfect balance of a loose grip and control the shot.

2.Correct Your Shooting Stance

Another thing you should practice along with your grip is your shooting stance. Ideally, you should have your front and rear foot at a shoulder-width apart. Your front foot should be pointed straight, while your back foot must be at a 45-degree angle. The weight of your whole body must be equally dispersed on both feet.

While loading yourself to take the shot, shift some of the weight on your bridge, and find a comfortable position that works best for you.

3.Practice Proper Alignment

The next fundamental to making accurate shots is the alignment of your body. Keep your head low and perfectly straight with your eye level and the aiming line. Then, make sure that your forearm is aligned with the cue as well. Practice your alignment while playing, and make sure that the entirety of your body’s upper portion is in alignment with the cue stick and the direction of the cue ball.

4.Make up an Imaginary Aiming Line

Imagination can be considered as our drive force. Without it we are all random wanderers in life and also in sports. In the pool, your imagination is what makes the shot meaningful. So that is why you should always imagine an aiming line before taking the shot. How do you make an imaginary aiming line? Follow these steps.

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5.Imagine parts of Your Shooting Arm as A Pendulum

Imagine that the upper and lower parts of your shooting arm are similar to a swinging pendulum. The upper part should be fixed throughout the game, and the lower part should be swinging and taking shots. Practicing smooth pendulum strokes can help you control your shot speed and master different shooting techniques quickly.

6.Improve Your Bridges

The bridge or your non-shooting hand will act as a guide to slide the cue into the cue ball. While there are several types of hand bridges one can make in the pool game, the most common is the open bridge method. You can consider any of the best pool sticks for beginners and first focus on one or two kinds of bridges that you’re comfortable with.

7.Figure out a Pre-shot Routine

You can see this step as more of a personal choice than a pool fundamental. You can make your pre-shot routine when you can mentally prepare for the shot you will take and figure out the possible outcomes of that shot. Many players like to chalk their cues before taking every shot to get some thinking time. Having a routine can essentially help you to focus and subsequently perform better in the game.

So what are you waiting for? Follow the above tips and tricks and improve your performance drastically.

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