RB Ezekiel Elliot Of The Cowboys Tests Positive For COVID-19

RB Ezekiel Elliott Of The Cowboys Tests Positive For COVID-19

According to reports on Monday, several players of the Cowboys’ team tested positive for COVID-19. However, the team denied releasing any kind of details or specifications about the reports. On the contrary, there was a breach of privacy from the side of Ezekiel Elliott, Running Back of the team, who reported that he was one of the patients. It was later revealed that the maximum of four team members was tested positive for COVID-19. However, the exact figure is still unknown as the franchisee refused to record any statement regarding this scenario.

According to their spokesperson, there are certain local and federal privacy laws that restrict them from providing any kind of information to the media and public. The spokesperson also said that they are duly following all kinds of CDC, NFL, and local guidelines to make sure that their facilities are secure and safe. Moreover, they have also put up restrictions regarding employee access, and more. NFL Network First was fast enough to come out with the reports of more than one player of the team being tested positive.

Later, the information let out by Elliott’s agent made the reports more evident. However, the player is now lamenting this breach of policy. Besides, Ezekiel Elliott also tried to protect his agent by tweeting about HIPAA’s privacy policy. He states that the information about his medical reports was still not there with his agent. So, there was no way in which someone could blame him. However, he feels that loopholes in HIPPAA policies have led to such a problem. He further said that the tweet by his agent Rocky Arceneaux stating that he is fine was just a reply to the issue revealed by HIPPAA.

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What about the HIPPAA story confirmation?

Late on Monday evening, Ezekiel Elliott’s mother posted on Twitter confirming that both she and her daughter were safe. They were finally tested negative and that the tests were all administered post-contact with an already affected person. Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus back in March, almost all players are denied entrance to the Cowboys headquarters at The Star in Frisco. Moreover, there is no chance of anyone tested positive to have entered the office according to all trusted sources. It is also revealed that all the players had to undergo tests after they came in contact with one or more people who were already affected by the virus.

The global pandemic has had a massive impact on the functioning and progress of the team’s work. Unfortunately, all the Spring meetings had to be canceled due to the current situation. Practice sessions and workouts are also prohibited at The Star right now. Position meetings are still being held via video calls. However, real-time practice sessions are suffering badly due to the restrictions. The new coach Mike McCarthy is also not getting enough time to interact and gel with the players. It may cause a problem of coordination later on. However, a few of the team workers are slowly returning to work. Well, we can only expect more progress from July 2020, and not before that.

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