USC Disassociation Finally Ends With Stars O.J. Mayo and Reggie Bush

USC Disassociation Finally Ends With Stars O.J. Mayo and Reggie Bush

The University of California finally decided to end all its disassociation with guard O.J. Mayo and running back Reggie Bush. It is after a long span of ten years post the sanction plans of school programs were placed. Kyle Bonagura of the ESPN was the first one to reveal the advancement of the reinstatement process of Reggie Bush. The 2005 champion Reggie Bush who bagged the Heisman Trophy faced a disassociation with the USC. It was when the NCAA discovered that both his family and him were receiving monetary benefits though Bush was attending USC as just a student-athlete. An investigation started against the star player and several things were revealed.

The results of the investigation show that Reggie had accepted a lot of travel expenses, cash, and a house in which Bush’s parents were residing for more than a year. He is also said to have received more than $10,000 against furnishing expenses. In a USC release, Reggie Bush says that he more than elated for his comeback after a decade. He says that he had always dreamt of this, and now it is becoming true. Bush adds that he is now extremely excited to get back home.

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USC disassociation with O.J. Mayo

The reason for a disassociation with Mayo was also quite similar to that of Reggie Bush. The former was receiving gifts, and illegitimate compensation while he was still competing as a student-athlete. He was a vital part of the men’s basketball team during that time. Later the USC made announcements about self-imposed actions regarding the situation. It included emptying all 21 wins. They also decided to return all the money that they received from their participation in events such as the PAC-10. The plan also included remuneration from all tournaments during the NCAA 2007-08 season.

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According to the NCAA Committee and their infraction rules, there is a specific 10 years limit in case of a mandatory disassociation between a school and a member. Moreover, it is completely up to the school’s decision whether to extend or end the disassociation after the end of 10-years. Whereas Reggie Bush’s USC disassociation started back on June 10 in 2010. After all the findings, NCAA issued sanctions on the USC football team.

The sanction and vacation

The sanction included a two-year-long postseason ban and vacating fourteen victories. It included the loss that took place BCS National Championship held in 2004. Moreover, 30 hard-earned scholarships were also a part of the detailed sanction on USC. Adding to this, Bush faced disassociation from the university too. He later gave back his precious Heisman Championship trophy as well.

Right from 2010, Reggie Bush could not participate in any program organized by the USC. Moreover, he was not to enter the school campus also. Bush’s statistics on the USC media guide comes with an asterisk sign. It states he gave away all his accomplishments to pay off penalties against him. Later, the man attended a game by the USC after so many years. It was in Los Angeles in September last year and Bush was the broadcaster on behalf of Fox Sports.

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