Lakers Win the NBA Finals

Lakers Win NBA Finals With a 106-93 Lead After 10 Years, Dedicate It to Kobe

Finally, the Lakers win the NBA finals by beating the Miami Heat with a 106-93 lead. It was the sixth game of the series that went in favor of the Los Angeles champions. Overall, it was a 4-2 lead for the lakers in the series. Moreover, this one is the 17th NBA victory for the Western Conference Champions. They are now at a head-to-head score with the Boston Celtics, the old rivals for the maximum number of championships. The latest victory also brings another NBA title to LeBron James, the Laker’s superstar. His fourth title was after winning a few when he was part of the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Heat. He is now the MVP or Most Valuable Player of NBA, courtesy of the Los Angeles Lakers victory.

The series was super-exciting and extremely nerve-wracking with no chance of any prior prediction. This time the match was set in a completely different environment with zero spectators in the stands. The Disney World Campus Florida was missing the cheering of the spectators. Moreover, there was constant pressure on the NBA management considering the pandemic and so many restrictions. Finally, when the series started four months after the COVID-19, people were virtually cheering for their favorite teams.

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Lakers win NBA finals by showing some fantastic techniques

LeBron James is an essential reason for the victory with his fantastic score of 28points, 10 assists, and 14 rebounds. His masterclass defending was taking over that of the Miami Heat’s tactics at every step. Moreover, the victory is more remarkable because the Lakers win the NBA finals after a decade. One more person who must get a special mention in the credit list is Rajon Rondo, the expert point guard. His first attacking tactic was an excellent help for James to get a 28-point lead within the first half.

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After the game began, the situation was looking tight. However, with the Lakers leading 28-20 within the opening term was a relief for the fans. By the time the game was reaching half of the second part, people were already sure that there would be no Game seven. The Lakers were on a riot when the scoreboard showed a 36-16 lead for them in the second half. Despite just one good shot by LeBron James in the second half, the game was already in the Lakers’ hands. While the Miami Heat was hoping for a miracle, they were only able to reach 87-58 by the quarter-ending.

The effort by the Miami Heat was not enough at the end

While the Lakers were almost relaxing during the second half, the Miami team was frequently exerting pressure. The exciting part is that finally, the game started to get closer, but it was over soon. The fact that there were quite a few late baskets by the Heats kept them from scoring enough. By the time they were picking up the pace, the celebration was about to start on the sidelines.

Anthony Davis was following James with 15 rebounds and 19 points. The best in the Miami team was Bam Adebayo. He has a score of 25 points, which is quite remarkable too. On the other hand, Jimmy Butler, who showed quite some technique in the other matches, did not shine much in the final game. The Lakers are dedicating their victory to their fellow star player Kobe Bryant and his 13-year old Gigi, who lost their lives in a fatal plane crash.

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