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Anxiety Coping Tools: 9 Ways to Cope With Anxiety

Life has so many obstacles, such as dealing with your job, paying the bills, and dealing with personal issues. Even before those matters come into play, you have to get your own issues and thought processes under control.

Issues like anxiety plague so many people, and can make it difficult to deal with even the little things that life has to offer. It isn’t uncommon at all since more than 40 million adults today suffer from it.

So what can you do to nip anxiety in the bud? Read on to use the following anxiety coping tools that will be helpful to you.

1. Do a Deep Dive Into Your Life and Figure Out What You Want and Don’t Want

Anxiety has a lot of root causes. It could have to do with brain chemistry and it could be a symptom of a larger medical issue.

However, the first place you should explore is any part of your life that isn’t congruent. This goes much deeper than a purely diagnosable medical problem and gets to the heart of your life issues.

For instance, you might feel the effects of anxiety when you’re in a job that doesn’t serve you, aren’t living your dreams or have a relationship that isn’t healthy. These aren’t the sorts of things that a physician can readily explore outside of prescribing anxiety medication.

However, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much you can get your anxiety under control when you first get your life issues under control. Do some heavy interior work and a lot of your anxiety will go by the wayside.

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2. Make Working Out and Physical Fitness Part of Your Lifestyle

It is difficult to be riddled with anxiety when your body is relaxed. Your body will be more relaxed and calm when you work out each day.

Start a workout plan that lets you build a stronger body so that you can also build a stronger mind. This physical activity helps you to build serotonin in the brain. These increases in serotonin levels will help you to regulate your stress levels so that your anxiety doesn’t remain a problem.

3. Pen in Your Journal Every Single Day

Sometimes writing things down can help you get past them. When you write down the matters that are bugging you, it has a way to make them less frightening.

You may not immediately have the answers yet, but putting it on the page takes it out of the recesses of your mind, where it can trigger your anxiety.

Morning journaling is a great practice that can get you started each day.

4. Work on Your Breathing Exercises

If you are dealing with anxiety, you most likely are also a shallow breather. Think about it — when you’re panicked, stressing out or in a state of emergency, the first thing that happens is that your breathing becomes shallow and unregulated.

This is a chicken and egg kind of thing, but you can get your anxiety under control by consciously breathing deeper and fuller. Only breathe out of your nostrils and out through your mouth so that you get full air into your lungs.

5. Sit Still and Meditate

Practicing meditation is actually the best way to get your breathing under control. With this practice, you are sitting down with your legs crossed and your posture straight and simply breathing.

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Breathe in and breathe out, not making any judgments about the thoughts that come and go. Simply watch your breathing and let the thoughts fall away with every exhale.

Meditating with regularity also helps you to access your parasympathetic nervous system. The parasympathetic nervous system deals with the part of your brain that helps you to slow down and relax, rather than hitting the gas pedal, so to speak.

This makes sure that you are able to take a deep breath and let the pieces fall where they may, rather than having your thoughts run amok.

6. Develop a Philosophical and Spiritual Center

When you have a strong mental and spiritual foundation, it’s easier to deal with anxiety. Anxiety often happens when your mind is too future-oriented and not able to stay in the moment.

When you have a philosophical or spiritual center to come home to, it is easier to not get too carried away.

7. Take Some Products and Supplements That Help With Anxiety

Hit some health stores to also give your brain and body the supplements that will help you deal with your anxiety. Focusing on what you put into your body is always the best step to take so that you’re able to relax and work with your body’s natural chemistry.

Plant-based supplements like CBD can help with anxiety issues of all types. You can buy CBD in a lot of different forms, such as smokeable flower, vapes, and edibles.

Eat clean and nutritious food every day. When you adopt a diet consists of easy to digest food, your brain will work better, you will have lower blood pressure and you’ll be more mentally healthy as a whole.

Work Out Your Issues With These Anxiety Coping Tools

When you have some quality anxiety coping tools you’ll be able to get past this difficult issue in your life.

If you can get your anxiety issues under control, it opens up doors that will keep your comfortable and mentally sound in everything else that you do.

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