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48 NBA Players Tested Positive With Coronavirus in November

The NBA issued a statement saying that 48 NBA players tested positive for Coronavirus. There are a total of 546 players who took the test. The first round of this Covid-19 test is complete for the 2020-21 season. It seems almost 9% of total Coronavirus test reports are now positive.

NBPA said that another 8 players had come out with a Coronavirus positive report in the second week of testing. The number of positive Coronavirus in the second phase testing has reduced significantly.

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48 NBA players tested positive, still lesser than expected

The officials of the NBA are still hopeful as they had hoped for much more contamination. The Athletic’s Shams Charania said that It is natural that these results came up because players were coming back from homes.

The players took the coronavirus test between November 24 and November 30 at their home’s home market. The NBA has named the initiative a phase of market testing after the first return.

Steve Kerr, the coach of Golden State, said that he is hopeful and putting faith in the league’s officials that they will take enough measures to make sure everyone’s safe.

NBA players are isolated till reports come negative

The NBA is yet to disclose the players’ names till now. They have instructed the players who got Coronavirus positive results to go to the quarantine period. The NBA players are going to be in isolation in their own team city. They can not leave quarantine till the NBA gives clearance. CDC guidance will take the final call with the Players Association if they’re to proceed after isolation.

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The league had seen immense success last year this time. There were no Coronavirus positive results of any players after they had entered into the bubble environment in Orlando, Walt Disney world last lesson. Only a handful of players had Coronavirus, but they were isolated until they entered the bubble. Clearly, that system worked for the NBA.

NBA not going for bubble at Walt Disney World for 2020-21 season

The officials are not planning to proceed to play in Orlando this year at Walt Disney World in a bubble environment.

Initially planned to play the matches in different cities is also not coming along. Doc Rivers, the coach of Philadelphia 76ers, other executives, and players are apprehensive about having a bubble-free playing season this year.

The NFL did not opt for a bubble environment for the matches. Now the effect of the 2020 season is devastating. Many players, executives, players are Covid-19 positive, and the spread is going on.

NBA strict their rules

The NBA levied many rules such as no gym outside the as the season continues. Also, going to restaurants and bars is strictly prohibited. If any staff or players breach the rules, they will face the consequences of reducing compensation, fines, etc.

Now the NFL is postponing their schedule. People are questioning their safety measures and the quality of the league. Many players chose to skip the games.

The NBA without a bubble will be starting from December 22. There can only be hope everyone stays safe and healthy.

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