Vanessa Bryant Shares an Emotional Message on Pau Gasol’s Birthday

Vanessa Bryant Shares an Emotional Message on Pau Gasol’s Birthday

The passing away of NBA star Kobe Bryant was the most heartbreaking incident for all basketball lovers. Everyone, including his family, fans, and colleagues are still mourning the loss. However, amidst all of this, Kobe Bryant’s wife Vanessa is standing strong like a rock for her family. She has also made sure that she is in contact with all of her husband’s colleagues and friends. Recently, her cordial relationship with Kobe’s close friend was proved when she wished Pau Gasol.

According to sources, the late NBA star Kobe Bryant had a fantastic bond with Pau Gasol of the Laker Team. The best part was that the friendship was not just evident on the field, but also behind the cameras. Their relationship was deep-rooted into their families as well. Therefore, the death of Kobe and his 13-year old daughter Gianna in the tragic plane crash was a shocker to the Gasol family as well. However, things are now moving towards the normal, and it seems that both the families are trying to move on slowly.

Pao Gasol’s birthday wish by Vanessa Bryant

It was Pao Gasol’s birthday a couple of days back, and it became even more special with Vanessa Bryant’s heartwarming post on Twitter. Along with a beautiful birthday wish, she posted pictures of Gasol playing with Kobe’s daughters. Vanessa Bryant captioned the post referring Gasol as ‘Uncle Pao.’ Besides, in the note, she wished a happy 40th birthday to Gasol and said that the Bryant girls all love him. Then she added that if Kobe was alive he would wish him in his way and say ‘Love you, Hermano.’ 

Before going to play for the Spanish team, Pao Gasol used to be a part of the Milwaukee Bucks team. It was during that time that Kobe and Pao developed an amazing bond leading to a strong friendship. It was an open secret that Kobe was an outright introvert. Besides, he did not have many friends, it was not the same for Gasol. The late basketball player loved Gasol with all his heart, and everyone knew about their bond. It was back in 2008 when Gasol shifted from the Lakers team to the Memphis Grizzlies team. Since that time, Gasol and Bryant had won two championship titles together. So, it is evident that there were incredible partnership and chemistry between them both. What is better is that Kobe Bryant was the one who encouraged and taught Gasol to play better.

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