NBA MVP 2020

NBA Top 5 MVP till 2020

The NBA MVP 2020 is the player who performed the best throughout the regular season. In short, they make the biggest difference in the matches. We love the best players. And we all want to know which player is the best of the best. Also, if you love to place bets on Basketball and other sports you’ll definitely love BetMGM Bonus code. Happy betting!

We made a list of the top 5 NBA MVP 2020. So many legendary players dominated the game in the past. And there were so many outstanding performances throughout the years. So it was tough choosing only 5! But we figured out a way to rank the top 5 of the MVPs. So let’s see who got the top places on today’s list.

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5. Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson won 3 MVPs over time. He was the only point guard that dominated the MVP award in the 1980s. With his skills, the Lakers ruled the other teams. His career average was 11.2 assists per game. It became the league record. He knew how to steal the ball and made every team feel vulnerable. Nobody was a match for his skills.

4. Wilt Chamberlain

Wilt Chamberlain won 4 times! He was a total powerhouse! Nobody could hold him down. He had complete focus and dedication towards his game. And he was very strong. He never actually scored from beyond the arc. He only focused on scoring and in one of the seasons, his average was 50.4 and that was a league record!

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Most of the time he finished with a higher field goal percentage compared to his rivals. He also led the league in rebound percentage as well. Even though he was an unstoppable player but sadly he couldn’t lead his team to win more championships. He won the NBA championship two times but his skills deserved more wins.

3. Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has won 6 MVPs! That’s more than anyone ever! This center was so focused on scoring that he ended his career by being the top scorer of all time while playing for the Lakers. He still holds this record to date. The most special thing about him was for how long he can stick around as the most MVP wins!

2. Bill Russell 

Bill Russell has won 5 NBA MVP 2020 in his career. He won 11 championships in total! And the most amazing part is, he won from 1959 to 1966, eight times in a row too. His career’s most amazing stats are that his average rebound was 22.5. He made the game so much interesting and he became a legend. 

So many NBA MVP 2020 wins just to prove how important he was to the Boston team.

1. Michael Jordan

He is considered the GOAT. And we all know how good he was at scoring. He scored more than anyone else in the league. While playing his ten basketball seasons, he led the scoring average in the league. He was an amazing player.

Honorable Mention

LeBron James 

LeBron James won four MVP awards! That’s amazing because he won in just 5 seasons. Many believe he is at the same level as Michael Jordan. If he can lead another NBA championship win with an NBA MVP 2020 season then we might have to make changes to this list.

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Bottom Line

The players mentioned in this list have been voted as NBA MVP 2020 multiple times. And each of them has become legends in basketball. They are the best the game has ever produced. With more potential legends in the making, you never know which player enters the top list in the coming years.

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